Android vs. iOS: Which Dominates in Gaming?

When you buy a new smartphone today, odds are it will run among these two operating systems: Android or iOS. In fact, they make up nearly all new smartphones released worldwide since last year, according to StatCounter.

That’s fairly substantial domination by the two main manufacturers, and the best part is that both smartphone operating systems are terrific. They indeed have a lot in common. However, there are some key distinctions for you to consider while deciding between these two, especially when we’re going into the world of gaming, or specifically online casinos.

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Now, let us talk about their differences in different aspects that you need to consider when gaming is in your mind.


When selecting a device, every passionate gamer must, of course, ensure that they can download their favorite games into their smartphone.

At first, it was understandable that iOS had an edge regarding the number of bootable apps available on the App Store. On the other hand, Google’s Play Store has risen by great strides. Because of Android’s open-source nature, it currently has many more apps than the App Store.


As previously said, if you are simply interested in free play, an Android smartphone will provide a greater choice.

However, you will surely appreciate iPhones if you are not scared to spend a few dollars on a good game. Hundreds of existing companies solely release games for iPhone users, ranging from racing games to adventures, acts, and puzzles. These games are superior to those available in the Google Play store and may not be available in any other shop.

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Release of New Games

Many developers release their games on the Apple App Store weeks or months before they are available on the Google Play Store. One explanation for this is that creating games for iOS users is easier. There are just a few operating systems and two devices: iPads and iPhones.

While for Android, game creators must allocate extra funds to make their games available in various Android formats.

Additionally, iPhone consumers spend more money on applications than their Android counterparts. Money is a key motivator for many creators, so they launch their games on iPhones first.

Hence, if you want to obtain games sooner, you should purchase an iPhone. Yes, they’re more expensive, but you’ll be able to play new games before it releases on Android.


When it comes to restrictions, Apple will occasionally issue a new regulation that will remove thousands of programs from its marketplace. You may enjoy your favorite app on your iPhone today, only to discover that it is no longer sponsored by Apple the next.

Meanwhile, compared to Apple, Google seldom interferes with smartphone games on its apps unless there is a global outcry surrounding any of them. Almost all of the Google-banned applications are non-mobile titles.

So, if you like playing a certain game on your Android, you should be confident that you can play it unless the author removes it completely.

Gaming Quality

Both Google and Apple have premium games that run smoothly on iPhones and Android devices. In fact, some developers go to considerable measures to ensure that players cannot tell the difference between playing on both devices.

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However, as previously indicated, the game’s consistency fluctuates from game to game. Certainly, there are better games on the iPhone, but it doesn’t imply all Android games are bad. Many more titles on the Google Play Store, presenting you with a bigger selection of professional games.

Final Thoughts

Each operating system and its hardware platforms have pros and downsides, so it all comes down to personal preference in the end.

Out of all the factors mentioned, the iPhone is surely the one to go because it offers superior performance, lasts longer, and is typically less expensive to repair.

Meanwhile, Android is the obvious alternative for individuals on a smaller budget, as even a phone half the price of an iPhone can provide most of the capabilities you’d want from such a device, not to mention the vast degree of customization and a greater selection of applications accessible.