Benefits Of Getting High-Frequency Treatment

With advanced technology, there have been different remedies that are used to solve common health issues. Among these technologies is the high-frequency treatment. This treatment is generally known to be used as a skincare treatment that is used by experts on the patients’ skin.

What is High-Frequency Treatment? 

High-Frequency is a popular skincare treatment that is used to treat multiple conditions such as acne management, fine lines, dark or puffy eyes, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. So, it is correct to say that this is a treatment that is meant for the skin.

This treatment can also be used to rejuvenate the scalp condition and even nourish the hair follicles for healthier and better-looking hair.

When was it First Used?

Nikola Tesla is the man who created the first-ever high-frequency machine, which was back in the late 1800s. Back then, it was called the Violet Ray. Back then, it was mostly used since antibiotics were not yet discovered. Also, the Violet Ray was used to treat strep throat, among other infections. Plus, it was used to increase the healing of wounds.

Later on, Jacques Arsened’Arsonval, a French biophysicist, was experienced in electrotherapy. For that, he introduced the high-frequency currents to be used in treating mucous membranes and skin-related diseases.

Specifically, the high-frequency electrotherapy was mostly used for skin treatment in the ‘70s. Later on in the 80s, this treatment was among the highly demanded facial skin treatments. Since then, licensed aestheticians and dermatologists have been using it on their patients.

How Does High-Frequency Therapy Work?

This treatment works along with high-frequency electrodes that are made of clear tempered glass. They also come in different shapes and sizes to promote the treatment of different face and body contours.

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The high-frequency electrode will be firmly inserted into the high-frequency handpiece. This will then allow a gentle alternating electrical current to be generated by the high-frequency machine. In turn, the current will pass through the attached glass electrode to the skin of the patient.

Once the current gets in contact with the skin, it will ignite the inert gas within the electrode. This produces healing electrical light energy and uneven oxygen that converts instantly into purifying ozone.

In simple terms, the electrical current will infuse rejuvenating oxygen molecules into the skin when it is mixed with the air outside the electrode. As a result, the patient will experience a therapeutic zapping or tingling sensation.

If it is used to treat aging skin, the high-frequency current will cause an instant circulation rush to the skin to firm and tone it. The current will also deliver refined tissue warming. This will then cause a natural and safe contraction of the blood vessels and tiny muscle groups under the skin.

As the blood vessels under the skin dilate, they will help to push away the toxins. In turn, the cells will receive increased nutrients.

During the treatment, the current will be directed towards the face, neck, as well as scalp. However, the high-frequency treatment can be used on the whole body, even on the back.

What Are The Benefits?

The high-frequency machine is mostly used for skin-related issues. Generally, here are the benefits of using a high-frequency treatment.

  • It helps to eliminate acne

With the high-frequency treatment, you can be sure of getting rid of stubborn acne. It could happen that the body has become completely immune to acne medications. If you have been using different methods for a long time without getting results, you might want to turn to high-frequency treatment.

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But, you can make things work by using effective acne treatment lotions or products with high-frequency treatment. Doing this can actually deliver positive results in eliminating the acne.

When you combine the high frequency with the effective lotions, the high-frequency treatment helps to clear the way for the lotion. This then helps to stop all the bacteria that cause acne and clogging the skin pores.

  • Solves eye puffiness/dark circles

If you have dark circles or puffy eyes, this treatment can solve that for you. The pulsating oxygen element that is produced by the high-frequency machine will help with the lymphatic drainage. Plus, this will diffuse the excess fluids while increasing the blood circulation in the skin. As a result, the puffiness and congestion under the eyes will be eliminated naturally.

  • It reduces blackheads and enlarged pores

When the high-frequency treatment is used frequently, you can eliminate the enlarged pores on the skin. When the pores are reduced, the skin will not lose moisture too easily. Instead, the skin will contain absorbed water and moisture to keep it elastic enough.

This treatment will also soften the skin and control excess sebum production. If you have stubborn blackheads, this treatment will help you massively. You can even add a mud or clay mask to help get better results with the high-frequency therapy.

  • It is All-Natural

Don’t you just hate it when multiple products are used out there to cure facial skin disorders? While some of them are effective, most of them are harmful to the skin. This is because they are made with artificial ingredients that can cause harm to your skin. The chemical content found in these products is not recommended at all.

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There are also some remedies such as plastic surgeries, laser resurfacing, chemical peels, or Botox or collagen injections. These remedies are not recommended at all since they do have some serious side effects, even though their results could be appealing.

But with the high-frequency treatment, the electric current is infused to the skin, and most of the magic happens naturally under the skin. This way, you won’t have to worry about any chemical ingredients being infused into your skin. However, you need to see your doctor before you undergo a high-frequency treatment.


So, a high-frequency treatment is the best choice for solving the facial skin problems. If you are tired of wrinkles on the face and aging skin on the neck, a high-frequency therapy will help you accordingly. Just remember to take good care of your facial skin using natural remedies at all times.


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