Filmora9 Top 10 Hacks You Don’t Know!

There is no doubt that Filmora9 is a great video editing tool available out there. This one is extremely easy to use and comes with lots of amazing features. Plus, it is super beginner-friendly. Hence, there are quite a lot of people who are using Filmora9 or want to use this video editing tool.

So here we go:

Filmora9 Top 10 Hacks You Don’t Know!

1. Work With 100 audio and video tracks:

As a video editor, we often work with lots of video files and audio tracks to make a complex and interesting video. And working with lots of files is always a messy thing.

However, with the Filmora 9, you are now allowed to use 100 audio and video tracks in a single project. You can organize your project and layer media for different effects, picture in picture mode or blending.

In short, it now allows you to utilize up to 100 layers of media. So you can create an awesome video.

2. Expanded Audio Features

The older version of Filmora did not offer you many audio features or sound tools. However, this is not the same case with Filmora 9. As it packs lots of new features and tools. And here is a quick look at those sound tools:

  • Background Noise Removal: You can use this tool to remove unwanted background noise from your videos easily.
  • Keyframe Audio Editing: You will be able to make multiple volume adjustments with one clip only using this tool.
  • Audio Equalizer: You can use this tool to fine-tune music, dialogues, and other audio clips.
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filmora9 audio

3. Endless Video Effects:

Filmora is popularly known for its video effects. And video effects are what made Filmora quite popular. Also now with the Filmora9 you are going to get more new effects.

It is now packed with top tier video effects including motion elements, animated titles, royalty-free music, and transitions.

Also, the good part is that you can always buy an additional package of effects and embed them with the software. So your options are not limited.

4. Lossless Editing Feature

With Filmora 9, you will also get to experience lossless editing. Most of the time, after editing a video, the quality gets decreased. However, this is not the same as Filmora 9. It helps you with lossless editing, which you can find under the instant cutter mode.

As a result, the software will not run any coding or compressing process while exporting the video. Also, it will speed up the exporting process.

5. Full 4K Support:

With Filmora9 you are also getting 4K Support and it has brought you some of the nice features for 4k video editing.

These features are the:

  • Fast Rendering: Filmora 9 can render your videos quickly even while you are working with 4K footage.
  • High Resolution or Economical Preview: It offers you a preview of your video in full quality. So you can see every detail. Plus, you can reduce your preview quality for a smoother editing experience.
  • Fast Import and Export: It also supports fast import and export while you work with 4k videos.

6. Proxy workflow

Working with large files is always an issue. First of all, you need to wait for the file to be imported to your video editing software. Then you will need to cut down the software, and finally you start with the editing.

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However, with the proxy workflow, you will be able to edit smaller proxy files. As a result, you do not have to work with full-sized videos. So you can enjoy a smoother experience while editing.

filmora green screen

7. Green Screen

Filmora9 also supports the green screen feature. So if you wish to use a different background for your videos, then you can use a Green screen behind you while shooting your video. And Filmora 9 will replace the green screen with layering clips using green screen effects. Also, the best part is that, unlike other video editing tools, the feature is not way too complicated to use.

8. Split Screen Feature

You are also getting the split-screen feature with Filmora9. By using this feature, you will be able to combine related shots to build a complete video. Split-screen is a pretty useful tool when you are creating lookbook videos, and you want to pay attention to details. Also, getting started with the split-screen feature is pretty easy. You can drag and drop your video files and place them on the editor to start editing, and you are done.

9. Classic 3D LUTs Presets

To perfect your videos, you can also use Classic 3D LUTs Presets. Filmora9 packs lots of color effects, which will help you to quickly tune your videos. There is a bunch of professional color calibration presets are available. To name a few, you will find preset of famous movies like 007, Batman or 300. As well as it is extremely easy to get started with these presets. What’s more? You can additionally download LTUs on your software.

10. Music Beat Detection

Filmora 9 also comes with a beat detection feature. As a result, the software will automatically mark audio beats. Hence, it will be easy for you to match your edit to your music.

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As well as using the feature is pretty straightforward. You need to the right click on the music file that you want to detect the beats for in the media library. Then you have to select the beat detection option.


Overall, Filmora9 Video Editor is a great video editing tool if you are looking ahead to work with 4k videos and want to use lots of pre-made effects. Along with that, the software does not cost you a lot, as most of the editing tools do. So yes, go ahead and have a look at Filmora9.

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