5 Last-Minute Gifts For Your Party Host

If you have spent the past few months scrolling devices, and not spending your time with your friends, then you may be a little out of touch with what everyone wants this holiday season. Or maybe you have been so busy with work, you haven’t had a chance to get to the stores to get a gift for the host of the party you are headed to… by the end of the week. Don’t worry. The rest of the world is in the same boat right now, so businesses have adapted to make it so you are able to do last minute shopping and still have a successful gift. And we are here to tell you what people actually want! All you have to do is buy it! How easy is that?

A Charcuterie Book

If someone is hosting a party, it most likely means they enjoy having people in their home. They are natural-born entertainers or caregivers. This means it most likely won’t be their last party, so it will be nice to get them a gift they can use for future parties! A book from That Cheese Plate is great for a party host! This book dives into the how-to of crafting beautiful (and of course delicious) cheese boards! The author, Marissa Mullen, gives you a “cheese by numbers” approach to creating the masterpiece. That takes the guess work out of creating the board, because it is illustrated right there for the reader! This one is a definite hit for a party host.

A Bouquet of Flowers

Flowers are a good choice for any gift, but especially for a host who takes pride in the appearance of their home. FTD’s same day flowers means that you can send your special someone beautiful arrangements in a very short time frame. It takes just a few minutes to place you order and then you are good to go. They have an arrangement in every price range, and something that will go with any themed party. If you don’t have this delivered for the party, it is a good thank you gift that will brighten your host’s day!

Gift Card

We know this one sounds lame, but why not give them something you know they are guaranteed to use? It can be to a grocery store you know they like to stock up on party essentials at, for some coffee when they stay up preparing for their next event, or maybe a place they can go once the party is over to rest and recuperate, like a massage or a salon! Gift cards can be a thoughtless present, but making it for a place they frequent will ensure it is a gift that they love!

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Alcohol Delivery

If the party you are going to will have alcohol on hand, it is a good idea to contribute to that, since that is usually one of the highest costs of parties. With the app, Drizly, you can have drinks delivered to your house before you make your way to the party, or you can have it delivered directly TO the party. It will ease some of the stress and financial burden that your host might be feeling, which is a great gift to give. Plus, we are sure the other party attendants will be appreciative as well!

A Practical and Funny Gift

Ok, we know what you are thinking, gag gifts never go over well. But you know what else doesn’t go over well? Icky smells in a bathroom during a party. Why not help the host out and supply them with some Poo-Pourri! You can use their website to look what stores in your area have it for sale. Making this is an option that you can pick up on your way to the party. It comes in multiple different scent options, so you can pick one based on the host’s scent preferences, or based on the party’s theme. The only way you can go wrong with this one is by not buying it.

See, we told you, easy-peasy gift-giving in a pinch, with gifts that your host will really like and appreciate. Everyone wins!