Latest Analysis on UK’s Stock Trading Platforms

Trading stocks is not an easy thing even for most experienced traders. As known in the trading world, selling and buying stocks make you a trader or an investor. Active traders are interested in doing as many trading stocks based on careful research on the current stock marketplace. They usually take advantage of short-termed events for making a profit. On the other hand, investors are more interested in buying stocks instead of selling them. As a matter of fact, they rarely sell them.

Nevertheless, daily traders are more interested in the situation day-to-day rather than caring about the underlying business. Every single hour counts for the daily trader. The keyword in trading stocks for beginners is keeping it simple and having in mind the long-term outperformance. To start trading stocks, all you need is opening a brokerage account, which is a specific type of account designed for holding investments.

Trading Stock Platforms in UK

To follow the stock trade platforms and the current market situation in stock trading is very important. The global picture of the current marketplace is not inspiring by any means. The UK economy faces a 20% drop in the economy, a trend which is likely to continue. Many see the growing stocking market as an opportunity for developing stock trades as an opportunity to grab. The marketplace has seen new trading stock apps appear and compete against other well-known trading apps.

This year, more than 180.000 Brits have entered the stock trading market. According to many, it’s a good time to start brokering now. There isn’t a shortage of active stock trading apps in the UK. Some are specifically designed for beginners, while others have more advanced trading opportunities for experienced traders. While some of these trading platforms are known for the low costs and great instructions, others offer intuitive platforms and research and analysis facilities.

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According to recent statistics, here are some of the best trading platforms UK with additional tips on how to trade with minimal risks and hassle.


IG is definitely the number one platform for stock trading in the UK. It offers a little for everyone, both beginners and experienced in trading. It offers low prices, a very user-friendly interface, as well as a number of tradable products. Thanks to its intuitive design, users can easily search for products and simply click on them to get detailed information about the product. The chart showing price history is easy to read and interpret.

On the other hand, the platform also offers experienced traders what they need, such as fast execution and broad functionality. The platform itself is easily customizable, giving users the possibility to choose out of 7 order types to optimize the trading experience. The app also informs traders via a notification about any trading-related news. Definitely, a platform to recommend.


Pepperstone is the trading platform in the UK usually advisable for beginners. It is considered to be the most user-friendly app in the UK market. Pepperstone uses the Meta Trader 4 platform, which is current trading software. It’s a very intuitive design of software that leaves no space for misunderstanding. The app is easily customizable thanks to the use of the Meta Trader 4 software, which has the most downloadable add-on. Pepperstone is a beginner’s friendly trading platform that has everything a beginner needs to start trading stocks and educate themselves about the trading possibilities.

Ava Trade

Ava Trade is a trading platform offering the biggest potential for education and research out of all listed platforms here. It’s warmly recommendable for all fox traders who want to learn and expand their knowledge in trading stocks. The platform has a number of video tutorials and courses covering trading-related programs. On top of that, the platform is intuitive and easy to use. The platform gives users the possibility to choose out of 4 apps: Webtrader, Ava option, Meta Trader 4, or 5. The clean and intuitive design of the interface makes it easy to navigate and charting is very easy thanks to 90 navigators put at your disposal. The lack of alerts and customization are the only downfalls of this trading platform. Otherwise, very useful trading platform offering loads of education and research possibilities to traders.

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Plus 500

Those who enjoy the fast-paced nature of trading online should definitely have a look at Plus 500. It is a fast and easy to use trading platform that can easily be accessed from the main screen. Just a click on the product opens a detailed page with all a trader needs to do a little analysis. Clients can choose one from the 4 order types available. The platform features the trading sentiment notifications that alert you about sudden buying or selling stocks. The mobile app is fully functional and optimized for smartphone use.

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