Top 6 Things To Know Before Buying An Electric Car in San Jose

With the rising popularity of EV purchases, you might also be considering this as a feasible option for your next car. If that is so, it is crucial to know a few things beforehand so that you are fully prepared when buying an EV car in San Jose. This exclusive guide will help you understand all the things you need to be aware of prior to owning an electric car. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

6 Crucial Things To Know Before Owning An Electric Car

Remember driving an EV car is much more different than a gas/petrol/diesel vehicle. It is critical to have an idea about these given points to understand everything about electric cars.

EV Range

You have to consider the EV range according to your daily needs. Most of the options in the market offer 200 to 300 miles per full charge. However, there are some exceptions that can offer a higher range of up to 500 miles. Besides this, the given range is not the actual range that you will experience on the road as it is affected by several factors. The range will change with your driving skills, weather, interior temperature, speed, etc.

Besides all this, when you charge at a DC fast charger, you can charge up to 80% capacity only. This means you can charge up to 160 miles on a 200-mile EV. So, consider all these things to determine the range for your EV.

Useful Features

When you go out to buy an EV, you should look out for some useful features that will allow you to enjoy driving the car alone and with your family and friends on the road. Your EV should have ample passenger space for your family members. Also, you should think about the safety features of the car. Modern electronics can further elevate your driving experience.

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The choice of features depends on your custom preferences and family needs. So, explore different options and pick the one that caters to all your needs within your budget.

Charging Station Availability

Another point to consider before buying an EV is the availability of charging stations in your current region. Having ample stations will reduce the range anxiety and allow you to charge your vehicle without any unnecessary hassle.

You can use the maps app on your smartphone to check the availability of the charging stations in your current region. For example, if you live in San Jose, then you can type charging stations San Jose in the maps app to find the nearby stations in the region.

Insurance And Maintenance Cost Of The EV

Generally, EV cars offer better safety features than traditional vehicles and come with fewer moving parts which reduces the overall maintenance cost of the vehicles. However, the availability of advanced features and replacement of battery packs increases the insurance cost of the vehicle.

Home Charger Costing

Some EV manufacturers cover the cost of installation of a home charger when you buy an EV from them. With this charger, you can enjoy Level 2 charging at 240 V at your home. However, there is a catch. You need to have a 240 V outlet at your home. The cost of installing the outlet at your home is high so you should analyze the budget properly before you invest in any option.

Tax Incentives

You should always go through tax incentives and rebate programs before buying an EV to qualify for them and enjoy their perks. The incentives vary from region to region.

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For example, in San Jose, you can enjoy a tax credit of 7,500$ on the purchase of a new EV and 4,000$ on a used EV. In the case of a new EV, the income slab to qualify is 150,000$ for single filers and 300,000$ for joint filers. Moreover, the new EV should cost less than 55,000$. The income slab limits are reduced to 75,000$ for single filers and 150,000$ for joint filers in case of purchasing a used EV.

The Bottom Line

By now, you must have a clear idea of all the necessary things that you should know before purchasing an EV car. Since EVs hold a bright future in the automobile industry, it is a smart investment that will work for a long time. This guide will make your transition from ICE vehicles to EV vehicles quite seamless.