Unlimited Online Cloud Backup Services in 2020

Cloud Backup Solutions are the best option for data backup planning if you use current technology devices and applications. Even market trends report that the global market for online cloud backup services will reach USD 6.82 billion by 2025. North America is expected to have the largest market share and has many companies offering Top-notch Cloud Backup Services like Ighty Support, LLC. They follow the thumb rule of planning the right data backup strategy before implementing it.

We suggest you create reliable backups of your valuable data before it gets lost when a disaster strikes and you are unable to retrieve it. You can get Online Cloud Backup Solutions for your computer systems.

To help you know in detail, we have explained what is Cloud Backup, how it can benefit your business and some best options available in the market.

What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup means creating a virtual backup or duplicate copy of data on the internet instead of a traditional backup on a physical hard drive or server. It enables you to save an extra copy of your valuable data and recover it easily in case of unforeseen situations.

Online backup, offsite backup, or remote backup have the same meaning as of Cloud Backup and are synonymous terms./It is also referred to as online backup, offsite backup, or remote backup.

Cloud Backup Services can be defined as the cloud-based backup solutions provided by IT Service providers (third-party vendors) at a fixed price based on the size of data, its scalability, and the number of users.

Cloud Backup Services for Small Businesses

With the new technologies evolving every day, the dynamics of business operations have changed at a large scale, and so have the backup solutions used by them. Online cloud backup solutions are the most preferred choice of businesses. It is not only for large scale organizations but small businesses as well. Depending upon their limited requirement small businesses can select limited cloud storage service plans. Cloud Backup Solutions are especially important for small businesses that store important data on computer systems. We never know when these systems can break down and therefore, need a reliable backup.

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Take for example businesses in the healthcare industry, they save information of their patients, staff, medical stock, and so much more data on their computer systems. Their business runs efficiently on the basis of all this information. Cloud Services for healthcare businesses have given more centralized control and easy access to their data, which has improved their functioning, even in situations like systems crash. Online Cloud Backup Services for the healthcare industry has enabled them to ensure the safety of patient data and comply with HIPAA regulations.

Best Cloud Backup Services

The competition in different Cloud Backup Services for computer systems that are available in the market has grown tremendously.

An ideal Cloud Backup Storage for computer systems is the one that is affordable, conveniently accessible, offers unlimited or a wide range of cloud storage space for backups, and supports online backups on multiple types & numbers of devices. Some of the most widely used is iDrive, Acronis True Image, Carbonite Safe, and more.

Below we have gathered a list of the Best Cloud Backup Services for computer systems like Mac and Windows. The comparison table will give you an insight of their features and qualities so you can select the best cloud services for your business.

Cloud Backup Services Number of Devices Storage Limit External Drive Backups Mobile Device Backups System and application backups Two-factor authentication Drive Shipping
iDrive Personal Unlimited 5TB Yes Yes Yes, but not by default Yes Seed and restore
Acronis True Image Up to 5 5TB No Yes Yes No No
Carbonite Safe Up to 5 Unlimited Not with basic plan No No Yes Restore only
Spider Oak Unlimited 5TB Yes No Yes, but not by default Only for legacy users No
Zoolz cloud backup Up to 5 computers, but only 1 per user 4TB Yes No Yes, but by default No No
Backblaze 1 Unlimited Yes No No Yes Restore only
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To remain competitive in the market, most of the business employers and employees use mobile phones for accessing their online stored and backed up valuable information and files, which gives them quick accessibility and mobility. Though, not all of the Cloud Backup Solutions are compatible with mobiles.

You should not confuse these Cloud Backup Services with cloud storage and file syncing services. Online storage applications like dropbox, google drive, one drive, and others can be used for backup purposes, but have limited features and are not exactly the best choice for online cloud backup solutions for businesses.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Backup

While Cloud Services benefits the businesses with its extraordinary and advanced features, at the same time Online Cloud Backups have a few disadvantages that can make essential business information vulnerable.

Our list of pros and cons of cloud backup solutions will tell you how you can take the benefits of cloud backup services and what are the drawbacks of cloud backups that you can avoid by taking the right measures.

Advantages of Cloud Backup Services

  • It allows you to automatically back up your vital business information files in real-time by syncing your computer systems with that of your server.
  • Cloud backup service providers offer complete security of your online backups so that your data is safe even if it is stored off-site.
  • Access through multiple devices gives you more mobility and easy accessibility to your backed up data.
  • Cloud Backups can be centralized on your IT network that allows you to save costs of getting cloud services for all systems and gives you access to all the backups at a single point.
  • You get 24/7 access to your cloud backups so in case of any emergency, you can easily retrieve your data.
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Disadvantages of Cloud Backup Services

  • The new versions of online cloud services are becoming more and more advanced, which are increasing the costs of cloud backup solutions. The increasing requirement for cloud storage due to the expanding data size of your business will also be a leading factor in higher prices of cloud services.
  • Not all cloud backup services offer unlimited cloud storage space. The limited bandwidth availability can become insufficient for you after some time.
  • When you approach a cloud service provider, you need to put your trust on a third party contractor for the safety of your business information.
  • Backing up data on remote cloud backups always requires a high-speed internet connection.

With Online Cloud Backup Services you can easily save, edit and restore your data. To implement them in the best possible way, take help from a trustworthy IT Support Provider.

They will help you get an idea of your actual requirements and how much cloud storage space you need for your cloud backups. Make a smart choice and get Online backup services for your business. Take the right step for data backup planning and strategy for your business.

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