Content Guidelines To Publish Sponsored Posts

Yes, we are always welcome to have your content on our website. If you have something to share on our blog, we would love to give you a chance. However, before you go ahead and send us anything from your end, make sure to go through these guidelines:

  1. Your article should be at least 800 words, as we focus on publishing detailed information on our blog.
  2. Along with your article, you should send us 2 images. One image for the featured image and the other one is for post content. Also, make sure that you are only sending copyright-free images.
  3. Make sure you are avoiding sending us plagiarized content. As we DO NOT allow plagiarized on our website.
  4. You can only get one do-follow link through your guest post. Also, if you want to link to a third party authority website, you can feel free to add one more link.
  5. In case if you want us to write your article, then you will have to pay additional charges.
  6. Once we are done publishing the content, we will not take it down at any cost. Also, the payment should be made within 7 working days only.
  7. You can only make a change request for the anchor. However, we will not change the link of the post.
  8. Before sending us your article, make sure you hold the editorial rights and once the post will be published we will hold all the editorial rights.
  9. If you ignore three repeated payment emails, then we will take down your article without further notice.

You can submit your sponsored posts on this email – [email protected] or you can use the contact form from here