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This was last updated on 10th March 2023

TechCrucial is one of the Popular Tech Media blogs which publishes high-quality content on a regular basis. It was initially started back in 2017 and within years we have become a Trusted News Publication having more than 50,000 users each month. As we have great statistics for our blog we can help your brand connect with our audience. Here’s a detailed statistics of our blog according to various SEO Tools in the market.

Website Stats & Demographics


Moz is one of the top SEO analytics software. And according to Moz, we have pretty good metrics:

techcrucial moz


According to Ahrefs SEO Tool, here’s how metrics for TechCrucial look like:

Alexa Ranking is a global ranking company that offers a very accurate ranking data for websites by observing its visitors, page views per visitor, their demographics, engagement, bounce rate, SERP traffic, search appearance, and other stats.

You can Alexa Ranking details for our website from here.

Sponsored Reviews

We do allow Sponsored Posts, we can promote your product on our blog as well as Social Media Pages, Email Subscribers as well. Sponsored Posts will be published within 24 hours. Also, before sending any sponsored posts please make sure to go through our Content Guidelines.

Please feel to send us an email with your requirements – [email protected] or you can even submit details via Contact Form from here