Top Trends in Cyber Security for 2020

Cyber security is a huge issue not just for the tech industry, but also for the general public. Because of the massive wave of new app releases, ransomware attacks, and credit card fraud, cyber security became more crucial for organizations, and it’s set to continue this 2020 and for many years to come.

This 2020, cyber-attacks may rapidly increase. While organizations are more aware of the importance of cyber security, some of them are still struggling to implement and define the necessary security measures. This is the reason why it’s essential to work with experts, like Security Gladiators, for your cyber security needs.

Below are the different trends in cyber security in 2020:

More Attacks Against Cloud Services

As more and more organizations adopt a cloud-based infrastructure to run their systems with sensitive data, there’s no doubt that the number of attacks on cloud services will continue to increase.

In fact, it’s common to see stories of attacks levied against cloud services just because of an improper configuration of the settings.

Advancements In Encryption

Due to the fact that cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated, many advances in data encryption were made. Based on a survey, 45% of the surveyed were consistently applying encryption across their company. But there are instances that some encryption strategies may not always be effective.

To fill the gap, a lot of advancements are being made in encryption, including zero-knowledge technologies, distributed ledgers, privacy technologies, and ring signing. Once used in combination, such technologies may provide partial or complete data anonymity and data verification and identity can be automated.

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Increased State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks

A big part of today’s global security and the Internet of Things landscape is advanced and persistent threats that are backed by nation-state actors. For this reason, several cyber criminals, which are unofficially supported by nations, may execute DDoS attacks, which are capable of stealing industrial and political secrets, high profile data breaches, silence unfavorable voices, influence global events and opinions, and spread wrong information.

As the tensions in the political world continue to grow, it’s expected that such activities may escalate. With this in mind, it’ll require government organizations and big businesses to deploy more advanced solutions to eliminate and detect emerging and known vulnerabilities.

Phishing Threats

When it comes to stealing identities and credentials, phishing attacks still remain to be the most effective method. It’s also used for eliciting fraudulent payments, distributing malware, and cryptojacking, which is renowned in the world of cryptocurrency mining.

Phishing threats aren’t going away anytime soon, and the same goes for the ransomware attacks that continue to provide a source of income for many international cyber criminals.

A good solution to prevent phishing threats is an effective protection, which requires not only proper cyber security training but also in-depth vulnerability and security management to prevent the attackers from obtaining any confidential information used in some phishing attempts.

More Cyber Security Risks On Mobile Devices

As employees rely on mobile devices, the amount of business data stored on such devices also increases. While the direct impact of mobile malware is low, it’s expected to increase in the number of data breaches related to mobile misuse.

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Each mobile device used for accessing a company system is another endpoint to secure, so a good way to reduce risk is to give access by using a secure online application infrastructure that features real-time vulnerability management.

Data Breaches Continue To Be A Big Cyber Threat

One of the biggest cyber security concerns these days is data breaches, and it’s likely to continue since personal data still remains a valuable commodity for the black market. Fortunately, ensuring the security of personal data and data privacy can be a great solution and must be a priority for organizations as required by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of the European Union.

With online application flaws being the main source of data breaches, ensuring online app security has become a necessity for every organization worldwide.

Targeted Ransomware

Another trend on cyber security that you should watch out for this 2020 is targeted ransomware. This is especially an issue in the industries of many developed countries around the world that rely on certain software to operate their activities daily.

Ransomware targets tend to be more focused and may threaten to publish the data of the victims unless the ransom is paid.


Those cyber security trends in 2020 are bound to test the security measures of many organizations. Whether you’re a small business owner or you’re running a corporation, it’s crucial to stay updated with the current trends, as well as work with experienced and skilled cyber security professionals who can secure your data and protect all of your assets against any possible data breaches or threats online.