Branding, Content, and Conversations Converge as Marketers Shift to Virtual Events

In  just a year, our ideas on all things events, content, and conversations have undergone a paradigm shift. Social distancing forced stakeholders across the industry to reinvent their business models, communication strategies, and outreach to their consumers and clients. But the most significant shift is how it nudged virtual event conferencing platforms to innovate and re-imagine how they can connect the dots between events, branding, content, and conversations in exciting new ways.

Virtual Events Are The New Normal

At the start of 2020, virtual events were hardly on the radar of most event marketers.

While companies typically allocate 10 to 20% of their marketing spends on virtual events, this percentage is set to rise in the future. According to the 60 Incredible Virtual Event Statistics” report, 55% of virtual event organizers plan to invest more in virtual events in 2021.

Despite the rise in budgets dedicated to virtual events, the cost per attendee is significantly less than physical events. As this market opens up, virtual event platforms are racing to offer better tech, engagement, and curation to brands and marketers looking to ride this new trend and derive higher ROIs on their marketing spends.

The Face Of Innovation

Take the case of homegrown platform Hublio, which has quietly disrupted the virtual events space and established itself as a key player in one year. The platform launched pre-COVID-19 and started as an events software that primarily facilitated organizers and marketers in organizing events.

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Following the pandemic, Vaibhav Jain, CEO and Founder of Hubilo elevated the software program into a specialized platform to host virtual events at scale. Since its launch, Hublio has organized 50,000 virtual session hours for over 2 million attendees, attending 4000+ events.

The Virtual Advantage

Besides the cost advantage, there are several reasons why virtual events hosted on platforms like Hublio are here to stay. Unlike traditional virtual conferencing software, contemporary virtual event platforms come with several value-added features, often replicating and outshining the experience of attending a physical conference.

Access to virtual booths, one-on-one chats and video meetings, and lounge meetings for attendees are additional perks. Access to various metrics – from being able to track the flow of traffic to conversion rates – makes them an attractive proposition for marketers who are bullish on data. Being able to conceptualize, organize and host an entire event end-to-end via a mobile app is also a major shift that makes the overall process easy and attractive.

Pushing the Envelop

Access to superior virtual conferencing products has changed the way marketers are conceptualizing and delivering events. Virtual platforms have made it possible to curate conversations and engagement that transcends borders and brings together people from across the world with ease. It enables more people to attend high-quality events and encourages richer, diverse conversations. Additionally, contemporary virtual conferencing platforms also tend to offer a better quality of tech, thus leaving marketers to focus on content rather than the technical aspects of the event. This has led to more ambitious outcomes for marketers, who are continuously looking to tell stories in new ways.

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Connecting the Dots

The upcoming Restart 2021 summit, hosted on the Hublio platform, will bring together 4000+ events industry professionals under one roof, with over 40 industry, sharing their experiences and synopsis of emerging marketing narratives. Imagine the world’s top marketers coming together, all at once, to share, engage, learn and grow, collectively?

Attendees will get to experience first-hand how platforms like Hublio are disrupting the “events” narrative and enabling connections, conversations, and outcomes that were considered wildly impossible earlier

Registrations for Restart 2021 are open.