Top Online Tools for Your Day to Day Life

Have you ever wondered “I wish there would be an app for that…”, and most likely there’s an answer for your wish. We live in a technological era now more than ever. And like the way people like to make buildings in the physical world, there are some “architects” who do the same thing for the online era. Every day there is a new app or site that has the purpose of exactly what you need. Here is a list from some of the top online tools that you might need one day:

Top Online Tools


You probably heard about this app, but there is a big chance that you still don’t use it on a daily basis which is a problem. Whatsapp can guarantee you more than you can though. It’s more than a simple SMS because you can send voice messages, video messages, big files, etc. And you’re probably thinking “wait, the messenger can do the same”, well yes, but actually no. Messenger has a big problem with their compression because the way that you get those images and videos has lost a lot from their quality, and with WhatsApp, there is no such thing, you get those images the way they have sent it to you. Messenger is releasing a lot of updates recently to keep up with this, but there are still some bugs with the app.


Workable is an applicant tracking application designed to connect companies and clients at the same time. Basically, the app helps you find the best fieldworker for you in need, like a plumber. There are a lot of us that don’t trust different platforms that recommend the “best” company. Well, this way you will have a wide range of views from every field working company that is nearby. Workable also offers a customizable, easy-to-use experience for customers of all levels. So feel free to use it.


If you’re working on a big project you want to focus all the way on that thing. But some social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and youtube with those funny cat videos are distracting you. Well, luckily “there’s an app for that”, more exactly an extension. With motion, you can set your working program every day and the app will prevent you from going on those sites, so you can concentrate all the way on the most serious things. It’s perfect for those who are easily distracted especially if you work from home.

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Online games

I know that you might think that online games are out of fashion and now everybody plays only video games. But there’s something magical about playing online games again because once in a lifetime all of us have played on these online platforms. But you don’t have to watch those silly animations if you don’t want to. There are some strategic and tactical games as well on the internet. There are a variety of games on sites like Admiral Casino, where you can play some of the best casino games that you wish.

Wrap Up

And the list continues. But if we would like to write down all the useful apps we should write a book about, nobody would care about it. So we stop here. If you have some spare time to go and check them out, maybe you will use the app that you waited for so long.


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