Comparium Review: Best Automated Website Testing Tool

Most of the companies today have gone global to earn more profits. For this, creating a website has been the most important job. Digitization should also be in a way that it becomes easy for users to understand the entire business of a company by just one-two clicks on the websites. For this, the websites should run crisply on all browsers and platforms. The increment in the number of web pages and browsers has made it a little difficult for website creators to check whether the website is working smoothly on all platforms.

If a user faces issues on opening the website, he might give it another try but if still the issue pertains, there are chances that he might not ever look at the same website again as the availability of similar products is huge and competitors are waiting for one such opportunity.

To overcome this issue, an initiation of Comparium, a cross-browsing testing tool, has come up with software where the users can easily check their website’s running capacity. It also helps to check the errors when a user is trying to open a website on a mobile phone. The website should similarly open on mobile as it would open any desktop.

Comparium helps to do Compatibility test of websites running efficiency and helps to eradicate bugs by prompting the users with the bugs in the websites.

Features of Comparium Tool

Supports All Browsers and Operating system

Comparium is an integrated tool supporting several browsers ranging from Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, 8.0, and Google Chrome 75.0, 74.0, 73.0, to Mozilla Firefox 68.0, 67.0, and Safari 11.0. The first version of Comparium enables the websites to perform testing smoothly on such browsers and simultaneously performs web pages’ visual and browser compatibility.

Works Effectively on any platform

Comparium works on Windows 10, 7, Mac OS X Mojave, High Sierra, Linux or any other operating system. Hence testing with using any platform helps the users to choose their preference. This is the main reason; Comparium can be assessable by any person, anywhere in the globe.

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Offline Reporting of results

The user is supposed to submit their email id and the URL of the website they are willing to check. Once this is provided, Comparium shall send all the reports of the cross-border test directly to the user’s email id.

User Interface

Comparium’s interface is user friendly as all available options are accessible even by a layman.

Time Saving application

Comparium gives the results within a few minutes of starting the check run. Hence it’s cost-effective and time-saving application.


As being a free tool, one needs not to pay for using Comparium too. Hence it is one apt opportunity for users to check as many websites as they would want to. This shall help in increasing potential clients. We would suggest trying it out. The company as of date has come out with two versions and is soon going to release the next 3 versions.


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