All You Need To Know About Corrective Maintenance and The Similarities It Shares With Preventive Maintenance

The primary objective of many organizations has always been to optimize and keep good control over the maintenance process. This has always helped the company to improve its assets, machinery, and other infrastructure.

If you are able to offer good maintenance to your assets, then your enterprise can benefit a lot. But first, you have to determine which kind of maintenance you are in need of – corrective, preventive or predictive. Each of the following types of maintenance come with their own benefits that are best suited for particular assets.

Equipment failure or loss of assets can be a big blow to any organization. It not only leads to rising expenses but also requires a lot of time and effort to be invested in repairing them.

That is why, as a business owner, you should be able to optimize & control the maintenance processes throughout the year. Corrective and preventive maintenance are two very common types of maintenance that you can follow.

So, what are these two kinds of maintenance? Can they really help your company? What kind of similarities do they have? Let’s discuss all the details in today’s blog. First things first – this blog is going to discuss preventive and corrective maintenance meaning in the next segment.

What Is Corrective Maintenance?

Corrective maintenance is the kind of practice that deals with a set of different technical tasks which have been assigned to repair any asset that is facing any issues. Sometimes it can also mean a total replacement of the assets. This kind of maintenance can be used to rectify any errors that exist in the machinery.

So, this particular maintenance will help to resolve it. Corrective maintenance is not pre-planned or doesn’t come with a maintenance plan. That is why there is a higher chance that your team members don’t have backup spare parts. Or it can also happen that you don’t have a qualified maintenance technician during the failure.

It might be unavoidable; corrective maintenance can majorly impact your overall performance. This is because it leads to major downtime and affects your assets seriously.

Corrective maintenance is more expensive if you are comparing it with the other two types of maintenance. It is simply because of the risk of complete asset failure and damage.

It can also affect the entire system as a chain of reaction due to the failure of one asset can trigger a massive downtime all of a sudden. You’ll need a bigger workforce to solve it in that case, and it also decreases asset lifespan.

Pros Of Corrective Maintenance

These are some of the top advantages when you follow corrective maintenance – 

  1. Less complex and more simple to execute in real-time situations
  2. Significantly reduces the cost of any reactive maintenance strategy.
  3. The overall cost of your operations can get a serious cut due to it.
  4. You will require minimal planning and execution strategies to keep up with

What Is Preventive Maintenance?

As the name suggests, preventive maintenance is the kind of maintenance that helps to prevent the very occurrence of an asset failure. This helps the assets to perform really well in the long run, and at the same time, you don’t have to bear the heavy expenses of equipment failure.

Preventive or Preventative maintenance gets carried out regularly at scheduled intervals. That simply means that you will check your equipment even when there are no errors.

Preventive maintenance helps to prevent any kind of breakdown or reduce downtime by decreasing the probability of asset failure. You will be able to plan a maintenance routine by using structured plans. This will help the dedicated department be aware of the schedule in advance.

A structured plan also helps you realize in advance which resources are required in order to deliver the right maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is more expensive if compared with corrective maintenance. But, it offers a lot more benefits in the long run by preventing an asset from a breakdown or total failure. It helps your enterprise to cut down costs on expensive repairs and maintenance.

Pros Of Preventive Maintenance

These are some of the top advantages when you follow preventive maintenance – 

  • Helps to reduce overall downtime due to regular maintenance check
  • Preventive maintenance allows you to reduce the workload from technicians
  • This kind of maintenance can help your assets to enjoy a better lifespan
  • It helps to significantly reduce the loss in overall production all year-round

What Are The Similarities Between Them?

Now that you have already known about the differences between Corrective and Preventive maintenance, you’ll be surprised to know that there are a few similarities as well. The major similarity between them is that both of them are directed to provide asset support.

By taking the help of these maintenance techniques, you can allow the assets to perform efficiently & make day-to-day activities more productive. Both these two kinds of maintenance help any kind of asset breakdown. When a company is focusing on any of the maintenance techniques, they are allocating a big part of their budget towards it.

A lot of enterprises don’t have the proper budget to manage any major equipment failure. This can prove to be very costly. So, when a company tries to follow any one of these methods, it can safely tackle a major equipment failure or breakdown of any asset.

Final Words  

The maintenance and efficient management of your assets are some of the key elements that will take your business to new heights. In order to keep up with the rising demand in the market and a growing business, working of the assets is an indispensable need. Every asset that your business deals with is a fundamental part of your overall structure. 

When one of them fails to deliver, it can cause a severe rupture in your day-to-day activities. That is why both corrective and preventive maintenance is crucial for your business. If you are having a hard time keeping up with the regular maintenance of your assets, you can take the help of CMMS software. Before you start using one, it is really important to know what does CMMS software stand for.

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