Top 5 Best Heroes for beginner in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular MOBA game that is on the rise for a quite a while now, there’s no doubt that ML has had its own fair share of highs and lows along the way since its release back in the year of 2004 but the promising frequent updates and patches seem to have quite an impact on its player base.

We know that Mobile Legends can be extremely confusing to a new player due to its incredibly vast features and number of heroes that the player has to choose from. And that is why we decided to make quick guide for the beginners, that is easy to follow and hopefully help you point in the right direction towards an action-packed journey in the game.

Now before you actually get into the list of all the heroes that are best for the beginners, lets take a look at what the heroes actually are in Mobile Legends but if you are an old player struggling to get into the game, let the professional ML players help you.

Heroes in Mobile Legends

Now the concept of classes, tribes, roles is not new for MOBA games and just like any other, Mobile Legends divides its heroes based on their roles. There is a total of 6 roles that the heroes are divided into namely and Before moving onto which heroes are best for beginners from each of the categories, we need to know what the roles actually do in the game

Tanks are the strongest heroes that act as the defending wall for all the heroes. Tanks have more HP than the other heroes as well as they need to protect more fragile heroes.

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Assassins are known for their strategic abilities and attacking powers but unlike Tanks, they have less HP which also makes them an easy to kill target. If correctly used, the Assassins can be extremely damaging to the opponents.

Marksman are surely one of the greatest assets in any battle, especially because of their ability to attack from a distance. They can be used alongside other heroes to destroy distant targets such as cover, turrets and attack other heroes.

Fighter are the bravest and in terms of attributes, the most balanced heroes in the game. They are the ones diving into battlefield and fight off the enemies singlehandedly.

Mage are extremely fragile but dangerous heroes as they can cause some serious damage to the opponents with their magic if correctly used.

Support heroes are the ones that can be thought of as a medical staff in the war. There role is to provide backup to the other heroes and aiding them in the battle.

Best Heroes from each Roles for Beginners

These are the two best heroes from each of the roles that according to many players are best for the beginners to start with and practice to learn about the abilities of them all to get better at the game. But you’ll have to see for yourself which one suits you best.

Tank – Uranus, Grock

Assassin – Alucard, Karina

Marksman – Layla, Miya

Fighter – Zilong

Mage – Kagura, Gord

Support – Nana

Is Mobile Legends Worth Playing in 2021?

Absolutely yes! Mobile Legends is one of the most popular MOBA title and even after all these years, the game is still on the rise and according to the statistics, Mobile Legends has over 78 million monthly players that are not going away anytime soon and to give your journey a quick head-start, get yourself an old Mobile Legends account for cheap which certainly comes with a lot of perks.

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