5 Tips on Hiring International Employees

It’s no surprise that quality international talent is a must for businesses in 2020. Not only are a majority of tech companies in the US and the UK making global expansion a priority, but most industries in the 21st century are inherently global.

This interconnectivity demands an international workforce.

However, hiring international employees is not a trivial task. To navigate this tricky process and ensure you’re attracting top talent along the way, read this guide for five tips for overseas hiring.

#1 Take Advantage of Social Media

With the world growing increasingly connected via social media, there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook to scout for fresh, brilliant talent overseas.

This strategy is especially useful if you can’t be at the desired location or if you’re expanding to various international locations at once.

To successfully find talent on social media, allow your HR and marketing teams to join forces, coming up with an effective, eye-catching awareness campaign for opportunities at your new locations. Take adequate advantage of viral trends and Internet culture to get eyes on your business and attract bright young minds.

#2 Relocate Local Employees to Overseas Locations

While some of your home employees may see an overseas placement as a disruption, others will embrace it as an adventure.

Given most businesses plan for an international expansion years in advance, start laying the groundwork early for potential overseas transfers of your local employees. If you can attract employees at home that are already interested in working at one of your global offices, you can start building the perfect onboarding workforce to streamline hiring overseas.

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Some ideas include:

  • Form of an international incentives program for employees who want to work overseas.
  • Host online language classes through your corporate learning portal or partner with existing language-learning apps to make the process accessible.
  • Mention international transfers early on in your local hiring process.

#3 Use a Local Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Instead of dealing with time zones, culture shock, and language barriers on your own, hire a local professional employer organization to help you recruit. These companies are dedicated to connecting ideal matches to your business, so you not only find top talent from that country, but you also find candidates that fit with your company culture and pathos.

#4 Get the Right Legal Support

Whether you’re hiring new immigrants to your local offices or expanding to offices overseas, you’ll have to navigate the rather rocky seas of immigration law. You’re not without a life jacket, though—with the right support, you’ll be able to apply for visas and establish lawful employment for your talented new hires, no matter the location.

For this process, however, you’ll want to hire an immigration law firm Chicago business owners can truly rely on. Don’t skimp out on legal costs when pursuing international hires. This process is far easier (and less litigious) if done correctly in the first place. Look at it as an early investment with tremendous long-term benefits.

#5 Adapt to Cultural Business Norms

Hiring in different countries requires unique processes and cultural considerations. If you are interviewing potential talent from overseas, make sure you review the etiquette of their home country.

Remember, hiring is a two-way street—if you want to hire your A-team, you’ll want to impress them just as much as they impress you.

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Stay Flexible, Stay Strategic

Hiring international employees is no easy feat, nor can it be done without substantial planning and foresight. However, with the right support and strategy, you will be well on your way to sinking your teeth across international waters.