How to Choose a Security Service to Fax from Computer

Fax documents are the most coveted form of business communication. They are used far and wide by many corporations by virtue of the scope of their admissibility. They are safe, secure and more compliant than any other mode of business communication.

While the reliability on faxed documents have increased over time, there has been a lesser reliability on traditional fax machines. Yes, fax machines have evolved into a simpler and better avatar. It is something that totally eradicates the dependence upon office infrastructural support.

No longer dependent upon the hefty fax machines, you can now send a fax from the computer you have been working on. Yes, it is as simple as that. No extra reliance upon the fax machine and having it glued to your work desk.

CocoFax has emerged as a very prominent name in online faxing platforms. It has retained its name and reputation by virtue of its ease of operation and flexibility. It offers an array of trustworthy platforms through which faxes can be sent virtually through the computer.

A casual visit to the Google Fax Free website will give you all requisite details about how CocoFax is the future of faxing. It has a worldwide patronage and many corporations count upon the faxing services offered by CocoFax.

CocoFax: Best Fax from Computer

CocoFax is a very versatile online fax service provider. It enhances the modes of sending fax out remotely. It further makes the process of fax sending and receiving very efficient. For starters, CocoFax offers a 30 day free trial.

Many apps claim free trials but turn out to be a sheer waste of your precious time. CocoFax delivers what it promises. Even the most basic subscription of the application offers more deliverables than premium subscription of other apps.

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CocoFax allows a lot of options to users for sending out a fax by usage of a computer. There are many ways in which your good old computer could substitute for a full fledged fax machine:

Fax through Email

Computers support emails and emails are a potential source of sending out faxes. All popular mailing accounts like gmail, yahoo mail, outlook, etc. can be used to send faxes. The process for the same is quite simplified.

The process of sending a fax is the same as that of composing a new email. You can initiate a new mail. The document that needs to be faxed needs to be a part of the mail in form of an attachment. Documents like docx, xls, xlsx, png and jpg formats are acceptable as email attachments for fax,

Further, irrespective of the file type that is attached, a fax is only received as a pdf file. The body of email and the subject are not very important in the context of faxes. Subject is added as a note to the actual fax and the body of the email becomes a cover letter before the actual fax.

Now, the important part is coming to the recipient section. You can send an email directly to a fax machine. How you do the same is by adding suffix at the end of the desired fax number. It is extremely definitive that the fax will be received on the target fax machine.

The only plausible times of failure in delivery occur when a wrong fax number is mentioned or when the fax machine is turned off. It is therefore essential to check all components of the email before sending out the fax.

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With, CocoFax gets to act as a translating device. It helps in translating a digital message into an analogue telephone message. Thus, despite being two fundamentally different platforms, the fax is sent out in a jiffy.

CocoFax Dashboard

Computer can be used to access the CocoFax dashboard. You can log in to your CocoFax account and send out a fax directly. This platform also acts like a dossier consisting of all faxes received and sent.

In addition to the pdf files, it also has a record and detailed log of each and every fax sent and received. It acts like a digital directory of faxes accessible at one’s perusal.

Fax through Microsoft Office 365

All corporations extensively use Microsoft office 365 in their day to day functionalities. On the mailing front, Outlook can provide the perfect setup for sending fax through email as stated earlier.

As an alternative approach, Microsoft office Word can also be used to send out faxes directly. The trick is to add CocoFax as an add on to Word. Once added, it would appear as a ribbon on the home section of the Word document.

If there is an intention to send over a Word document to a fax number, you can click on the aforementioned ribbon. This will open the CocoFax’s official dashboard and you would need to log in to your CocoFax account.

Once that is done, you will need to reconfirm your intention of sending a fax. Once done, the fax will be sent over to the desired fax number you mention.

Fax through Google Drive

Computers are also home to google drive that acts as a elixir of important documents all at one place. Having access to one’s google drive means having access to every vital information of one’s life.

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It is amazing how CocoFax enables sending out fax directly through the google drive. Sometimes, due to incompatibility, there is a lot of duplication of documentation as the document would need to be transferred from the drive to a compatible source.

CocoFax curbs this extra effort and enables sending out a fax through Google Drive. It is a blessing!


Who would have thought that it would be so easy and simple to send out a fax from a computer. The ease that CocoFax offers by being a virtual fax platform makes computers also multi tasking. Why invest in a fax machine when your computer can be your very own fax machine?

The Google Fax Free website will provide you more insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of CocoFax. There may be many leading providers of online fax services but the added leverage provided by CocoFax is unparalleled.


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