How to Perform a Content Audit? [Infographic]

Performing a Content Audit

If you’ve noticed a decrease in your SEO or search engine optimization rankings, it may be time to perform a content audit. Proper search engine optimization is essential for any website to reach its desired market. Outdated content can pile up on your website or web page resulting in less efficient search engine optimization over time.

Understanding how to perform a content analysis is greatly beneficial for your business. It is most effective to do content analysis often and on a set schedule. How often you perform an audit depends on the amount of content your company creates and how much fresh information your customers request.

A content audit will ensure that your content is new, relevant, and impacting your SEO rankings positively rather than negatively. A content audit should be performed regularly by reviewing and updating any online content. With our easy-to-follow infographic, you’ll learn how to do content analysis for your own website.

content audit infographic

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