Innovations in Technology That Improve Live Casino Gambling

Like most forms of recreation and entertainment, casino gaming used to be an activity where you have to visit a venue for players to enjoy the full experience. It slowly changed as games are now accessible through the internet. Today, gamblers around the world get to experience live dealer games through their mobile devices.

Such a transition did not take overnight. Decades of technological development brought the online casino industry to the state that it is in today. Here are four innovations that have improved live casino gambling around the world.

Easy crypto deposits and withdrawals

One of the greatest innovations in gambling is the creation of a mode of payment on a decentralized network known as cryptocurrency. The first and most valuable of them is Bitcoin (BTC) followed by Ethereum (ETH) and many altcoins inspired by them. You can use BTC to play these new casino games from top game providers thanks to online casinos providing support for digital assets.

Networks like Bitcoin are found to be more reliable for gambling than traditional banking. The best reason is that crypto deposits and withdrawals are cheaper than fiat and the latter is limited by borders. Bitcoin is borderless and with high adoption around the world so you don’t have to worry about getting your payment blocked or charged with extra fees.

User-friendly DeFi exchanges thanks to AMM

Decentralized finance (DeFi) exchanges were notorious for being too complicated. Crypto holders have no choice but to rely on centralized trading platforms and brokerages to liquidate their assets. They are reliable services but the fees are expensive.

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The creation of automated market makers (AMM) made it possible to make trades easier in a liquidity pool. UniSwap is one of the best examples among DeFi exchanges and is considered the first to see a surge of users if DeFi trading becomes the norm. This trading is virtually unstoppable because the AMM is not bound by laws or regulations.

Stable live casino gaming experience using cloud servers

Bitcoin gambling on cloud servers is only possible today thanks to communications services. 5G internet has made streaming seamless and reliable so you can play any live table games anywhere and anytime. Their cloud gaming service is also a marvel because it lets players play amazing casino games on browsers.

It is not a new trend nor is it only used for gambling. However, only casino game providers were successful at using this platform for high-quality games with smooth 3D animations and crazy effects.

Live gambling options expanded with virtual reality technology

Casino operators are focusing on the development of virtual reality (VR). The idea is to turn creative game formats that are only possible in digital format into live casino games with a host or dealer. Evolution Gaming used VR for Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, a game of luck where the player finds the best multipliers among digital blocks.

Evolution Gaming has toned down the use of VR for Crazy Time where the only digital game mode is the Crazy Time bonus round. It takes the player and the host into a new world with a big roulette wheel that can change as the player wins extra features. You can use BTC to play these new casino games and win big prizes.

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Gamblers had to find means to convert their local fiat into supported currencies such as the US dollar and euro. When online gambling started for mobile, gamblers had to download a client which they also had to update occasionally. All of these issues are gone thanks to modern innovations. Look forward to how casino gambling will grow in the future of hardware and software development.