How to Stream PUBG Mobile on Youtube in 2019?

So you’ve been enjoying playing PUBG all day?

Well, did you knew that you can actually share your PUBG gameplay with everyone?

Yes! It is possible and even you can Stream PUBG Mobile on Youtube whether you’re playing on a smartphone or even an emulator.

Streaming gameplay is now trending and many gamers have taken streaming as their career. Although as it helps you to make money while you’re streaming.

Inspiration to all PUBG Streamers!
Do you know that “Dynamo Gaming” an Indian gaming channel that has got more than 1 Million Subscribers in just 1 year by Streaming PUBG Mobile on Youtube.

Stream PUBG Mobile on Youtube

In this post, I’ll share how you can also Stream PUBG Mobile on Youtube and start your career in streaming.

First, we’ll discuss How you can Stream PUBG Mobile from an Android Device later followed by iOS Device and then by Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator.

How to Stream PUBG Mobile from Android Device?

    1. First of all, Download the Youtube Gaming App and log in using your Google account.
    2. Next, Click on that “Stream” Icon on Top.
    3. Now select whether you want to Stream or Record it in the desired Stream Quality.
      stream youtube gaming
    4. Note: As you’re streaming everything that is happening will be visible to all the viewers including notifications, calls, etc. so make sure you’re not getting disturbed.
      youtube gaming tips
    5. Now select PUBG Mobile App.
    6. Once you’ve selected the PUBG Mobile app then Enter your Stream details like your Stream Title and Stream Description.
      stream pubg mobile from android
    7. Now if you want to share your Stream to any Social Media sites then choose the desired Social Media site.
    8. It will automatically launch the PUBG Mobile app and you’ll be provided with some buttons to start Streaming, audio, video, etc.
      stream pubg mobile
    9. Boom! Now Click on that Stream Button and it will start your PUBG Mobile Stream.
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Well, it is quite easy to Live Stream PUBG Mobile from an Android Device.

In my opinion, even if you get a high-end device still you won’t be able to stream for a couple of hours because as you’re playing and streaming your battery will drain fast and eventually you’ll start facing other problems.

Instead, record your gameplay videos and then later upload it to Youtube.

Now let’s check out how all the emulator players can easily Stream PUBG Mobile.

How to Stream PUBG Mobile from PC?

To Stream PUBG Mobile from your PC, you need to first download the Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator and then start playing on that emulator.

Now that you’ve your emulator up and running it’s now time actually find out how you can Stream PUBG on Youtube.

    1. To Stream, you’ll have to first download a broadcaster software like OBS or Streamlabs.
      obs studio download
    2. In this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate using OBS as I personally like OBS more 😛
      obs studio
    3. First of all, Download the OBS Software and Install it.
    4. Now run OBS Studio and click on that “+” icon in the Sources section.
      obs studio display capture
    5. Next, Select “Display Capture” option, name the source and choose the desired properties and then click on “OK
      Note: When you choose “Display Capture” option everything that will happen on your screen will be visible to all the viewers so make sure to be alert about it.
    6. Next, Click on the “Setting” button at the bottom right corner.
    7. Click on “Stream” option and then choose service as “Youtube/Youtube Gaming” and then simply enter your “Stream Key
      obs stream
      youtube stream key
    8. To get your Stream Key, Visit the Youtube’s Live Dashboard and scroll down to Encoder Setup and click on the “Reveal” button and copy the Stream Key.
      Note: As you are on Youtube’s Live Dashboard make sure to fill all details about your stream like the Title of the stream as well as the stream details
    9. Next, Click on “Apply” and Close the Settings Tab.
    10. Finally, One last step is to hit that “Start Streaming” button and your Stream will be live!!!
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Personally, I tried all these methods when it comes to Streaming PUBG Mobile from Youtube Gaming I did notice lag because of a low-end device. It can be improved depending on how powerful your device is and also the internet speed as well.

And when you try to Stream PUBG Mobile using the OBS Studio your stream may or may not lag as it totally depends on your pc specifications and internet speed.

So in order to have a smooth stream, you need to have high-end specification pc that can actually help you play games as well stream together.

If you get stuck anywhere in this tutorial or if you want to share your streaming experience then please feel free to share it in the comments section.

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Are you also a PUBG Streamer?

Let us know your Youtube Channel in the comments section and we might feature your channel in our future posts.

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