5 Mistakes You Will Commit While Creating Your First Training Course

Elearning authoring tool, market research, idea generation. All set for content creation? Probably these are the things you think you require to create content.

Exactly! However, if you’re creating your first training course, you are more likely to commit mistakes.

Even though you have the best online training creation software, still problems arise.

To make you aware of those mistakes in advance, we have curated a list of commonly occurring mistakes in your first training course.

Beating around the bush on learning objectives

When you’re creating an online course, you need to define a clear learning objective and goals. This clarifies the customers on whether to take up the course or not. 

As a content creator, it guides you throughout the content creation and implementation process, thus serving as a roadmap.

When you are creating each module and lesson in your online training creation software, ask yourself “Does this align with the primary objective?”’

If yes, proceed. If no, eliminate from the module without any hesitation. This saves your time while reviewing your course after completion. 

Including TOO MUCH content

Wordy and long-winded content bores the audience. Simple and concise content speaks to larger learners. 

Basically, fluffy content lacks clarity and shifts the main focus from the learning objectives. Additionally, too many images and decorative stuff divert the learners’ attention away. 

If you are creating text format content, then break them down into bullet points. It gives an elegant appeal and makes the learners absorb the content easily.

Avoid adding irrelevant content just for the sake of aesthetic appeal, and collapse the final impression. Maintaining harmony in your design also matters.

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Not keeping up with the trend

As elearning content creator, you are blessed with the varied options available in today’s world. Try to incorporate the latest technologies soon. 

Online training creation software is equipped with videos and podcasts to spice up the content, thus adding value to your audience. 

When you use only one kind of learning methodology, it doesn’t work. Every learner is unique. Some grasp from visual content, while some prefer textual content. 

For example, Including infographics, videos, real-life scenarios, and their solutions engage a wide range of audience into your content.

Therefore, engage them with all kinds of content. 

Fail to learn-experiment-relearn

Every elearning course has one common goal-to educate their learners. This knowledge should be consistently experimented and evaluated.

The online content that is not timely updated with new information remains as junk. 

Try to get feedback from quizzes, surveys, exams to understand the learners’ understanding level. 

To help you in this, online training creation software presents a consolidated report on your course’s popular opinions and comments.

This cycle of relearning and implementation helps you a lot in fine-tuning the areas that need trimming. 

Insufficient marketing

Maybe you have the best online course in your niche. If you don’t showcase it to your audience, then probably they don’t know your existence.

As much as you invest in the online training creation software, try to pick a marketing strategy to inform your target audience about your elearning course.

You have multiple marketing options, such as paid advertising, social media marketing, and much more. 

When you diligently involve yourself in marketing, you will witness the results shortly.

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The Bottomline

This complete list of “don’ts” will save you time and money, thus ensuring you to create valuable and engaging content for your audience. Kindly, share with us your experience of creating an online course.