5 Best Style Tips for Men

If you have a big day coming up, you are heading to a small get together, or you just want to refresh your style, we are here to help you with that! It is always important to look your best. Not just because you want to impress those around you, but because when you look your best, you will feel your best, too! So, put the distractions aside and get to it! Here are 5 style tips that will take you from blah, to extraordinary in no time!

 1. Feel good underneath 

When you feel good underneath your clothes, it will show in many different ways. You will be more relaxed, feel more confident, you might carry yourself taller, and you will even notice that you seem to have a sunnier disposition. Shinesty’s underwear is comfortable, well-made, and moisture-wicking, meaning it will have your back and front side fully secure. They have all different themes to shop through, too. This will make it so you can rep your favorite things under your outfits! It will give you unexpected confidence to know that you are rocking a bald eagle and American flag down below. Basically, what we are saying is don’t underestimate the power of a new pair of underwear. 

2. Never be fashionably late

You know those old tales about it being better to be fashionably late? Well, that may have worked back then, but it is no longer relevant. Being on time is important in today’s world, so it is time (haha get it?) to invest in a timepiece! MVMT has beautiful black watches for men. They are sure to be a stylish addition to any outfit and they will help you to maintain punctuality. Whether you are arriving at the boardroom, the ballroom, or the bathroom, MVMT has the perfect watch for you. 

3. Upgrade your tie game 

Are you wearing the same ties you have been for decades? Seriously, are you still wearing that tie you wore to the 6th grade winter dance? Well, unless that was a hand-me-down sentimental item, it most likely has seen better days, and may no longer be stylish. If your tie collection needs a dose of newness and style, Dazi ties are the way to go. They have affordable, well-made, extremely stylish offerings. Their floral print ties and bowties are their trademark pieces, but all of their items are great go to’s. Try and find a few that will go with multiple shirts! That way you get the most bang for your buck! 

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4. Get a pair of sunglasses to compliment your face shape 

There are so many sunglasses to choose from out there in the world, but it is important to find a pair that fit your face properly! Using virtual try-on services like SmartBuyGlasses, will help you to see how they look on your face, before fully committing to purchasing them. Try picking classic shapes and colors. That way they will never truly go out of style. If you go for a shape or color that would be seen as more unique, wear them with confidence and you can’t go wrong!

5. Give your cards a nice home

The time has come to make sure that you are properly taking care of all of your cards in your wallet, and reducing the amount of clutter you carry around in there. We implore you to take a look at Herschel wallets. They are classic, timeless options to add to any wardrobe. Their more casual, leather designed “Oscar” wallet, is made to protect your information with an RFID blocking layer. This will make it so your cards are protected from RFID skimming and they will not be used without your knowledge! It does all that while adding additional style to your wardrobe. Win, win!

It is important to remember that sometimes style comes from within. You can have all the latest, trendy, stylish items. But, unless you wear them with confidence, you will never truly be in style. So, rock your favorite pieces, get a few new ones to boost your self-esteem, and just be yourself!