4 Reasons Why Regular Medical Check-ups are Crucial

Pre-medical tests are done before issuing a health insurance policy to assess the eligibility of the customer. It is easy to fall for those insurance policies which do not require you to go through medical tests. Sure, it’s a value proposition, but at times, it’s nothing more than a marketing gimmick of the insurer.

Do you believe that health insurance plans don’t require you to go through a medical test that is better than the one which needs it? No, not. The truth is quite the contrary; the insurers that ask for pre-medical tests turn out to be more customer-friendly at the time of making a claim.

Even if the insurer does not ask you to go through the medical tests, it does not imply that you can withhold a pre-existing condition. Nothing can be more blunderous than withholding a fact concerning a pre-existing illness; it is considered as a fraud and can straightaway lead to rejection of the insurance policy claim.

When there are no medical tests, you have to submit the declaration of good health instead of that. Once you provide it, the insurer sets your premium. Here’s why you should go through a pre-insurance medical test while applying for health insurance plans:

1. Helps in Early Diagnosis

Yes, you might feel that regular medical check-ups can cost you a little more now. However, when you take the bigger picture in perspective, you can understand how these regular check-ups can help save a considerable cost.

For instance, if you randomly pass out, and after a few tests, you come to know that you are fighting a disease. Now, think back to the moment when you cancel your regular check-up. What would have been better?

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Finding out at an early stage, and getting on the matter, or finding out a few months or years later when the risk and medical cost become higher? Note that this can jeopardize your health and financial stability as you won’t be able to work when you are being treated.

2. Saves You expensive treatment cost that you may have to pay at a later stage

Once you get through a medical test for a health insurance policy, you will know about your medical condition in detail. God forbid, if you are diagnosed with a pre-existing condition, you can state the same to your insurer. They will tell you about the waiting period relevant to your health. It is a good idea to pay higher rather than getting your claim rejected altogether.

You must be confused, why reputable insurers such as Max Life Insurance offer such a proposition that says no medical tests required when it can be risky on the insurer’s part. Well, it is evident that medical examinations are expensive, and if a person has to go through a medical check-up all by himself, it hampers their acquisition.

These days, several health insurance companies offer policy without a medical test if you are aged below 45 years of age. On the other hand, a medical examination is compulsory if you are above 45 years. The customer has to bear the expenses of the examination. The amount, however, is reimbursed after issuance of the policy. For different plans and a different set of customers, the medical tests vary.

However, the standard pre-medical tests include- blood test, sugar level, urine test, physical examination, and ECG and cholesterol level. While purchasing health insurance, especially a critical illness policy, you should always be transparent while giving your information to your insurer as it will make your claims easier and faster.

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3. Helps you take preventive action

Only with regular healthcare check-ups will your doctor be able to choose the perfect way to diagnose any health issues at an early stage.

Also, these regular medical check-ups include several physical and mental checks, making sure that you are on the right track. This way, the doctor will catch any potential risk and help clear you off from several diseases.

4. Increases chances of being cured

Regular medical check-ups help the doctors diagnose a disease before it advances to more significant proportions.

These screenings are done based on an individual’s age, sex, history, and lifestyle choices.

The doctors can advise numerous tests and preventative screenings to help detect any risk to the patient. These screenings can identify diseases at the onset, making it easier to cure them.

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