How to Create a Video Presentation from Photos with FlexClip

You just promised your friends to show him a spectacular movie with photos of your trip abroad, but in reality, you realized that you don’t even know how to use a photo editing or video editing program. Now, who will get you out of this complicated situation? A graphic design friend? A video editing professional? I do not think so! Fortunately, I am always here to help you.

If you want to make video presentations, all you have to do is rely on some free online service that allows you to achieve what you have in mind in an extremely simple and fast way. During this tutorial, I will recommend you FlexClip, focusing in particular that it does not need specific knowledge and ensures amazing results.

All you need then is a few minutes of free time. Make yourself comfortable and read carefully the instructions that I will give you in this guide. Are you ready to start? I wish you a good read.

Meet FlexClip video maker – the website that will turn your photos into an exciting video in seconds in a creative way.

FlexClip is a simple website for an easy video creation from photos accompanied by your music. You can add effects and different transitions between the photos and share the videos easily.

Using the FlexClip website does not require registration, and the service is free to try.

With FlexClip, you simply select the photos from your computer and make them a video accompanied by music to your liking. FlexClip offers a variety of special effects and styles across images and the result.

One of the unique features that make using the app so easy and simple is the possibility to use music available on the FlexClip stock media library, beyond the possibility of uploading personal music from your computer.

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How Does It Work?

Registration – You can sign up with an email address or log in with your Facebook and Google account on FlexClip homepage. Please click on the link sent to your email address for verification.

Create – To get started, click Create New on the page. And then you can choose a template to get started or start with a new project.

To add photos from the computer, click Add Local Media. Select the pictures and click Open. If you want to use the photos on FlexClip, click Add Stock Media, and then you can search for the photos to add.

To remove photos, hover your mouse cursor on each photo and click the X button.

To organize your photos, select one on the Storyboard and change the order of it to the desired location with drag and drop.

To add background music, click on the Music icon, and then choose your favorite music from the computer or from FlexClip’s music library. You can cut the music to use a specific part of it and adjust the volume.

To add text, click on the Text icon and then choose from preset text animations to apply. FlexClip offers simple texts, logo styles, overlays, intros, and outros. You can edit the font, color, size, alignment, etc.

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You can apply beautiful filters and transitions between the slides with one click. There are many pre-built colors and effects included.

Once you are done, click on the Export Video to download it as an MP4 file. Enter a name for the video and choose the video quality as you want.

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This site is designed for quick and easy video creation, and therefore you will find a way to turn your photos into animated videos with ease. You can try it free, no need to download any additional software.

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