FilmoraGo – A Complete Editing Software for Android

Day by day smartphones are getting better cameras and people are using those to take great images and videos. But when it comes to sharing those bright memories in social media, most of the time you will need to edit that at least a bit to make it presentable.

Smartphone app stores are flooded with editing software, but FilmoraGo is one of the best you can find. You can export videos for YouTube, Instagram or Tiktok with FilmoraGo and it comes with many great features, which are hard to find in smartphone editing apps. Let us have a closer look.


FilmoraGo is a free video editing program that is available on both iOS and android and in the middle of July, the developers released a new version 4.0 for Android. I have used the program in a budget android device with 3 GB RAM and everything written here are my thoughts based on my experience.

User Interface

The first thing you will notice in any app is the user interface, and for many people, even good software with an immature interface can make the experience extremely bad. But FilmoraGo comes with a great UI and simple instructions. An average person without any editing knowledge can work their way out.

The Basics

The first time you will open FilmoraGo you will be able to see a New Project button. Clicking on that will present you a screen from where you can add your videos, images and some pre-made intro scene. Although it took a while to import some videos, it is dependent on your smartphone.

On the next stage, you will edit your videos. On the bottom of the screen, you will able to find all the options you need, like trim, text, filter, effect, adjustment etc. Clicking on every one of them will reveal more options. So while trimming a clip you will get options to copy, paste or delete cut shots. On the other hand, by selecting music you will be able to add your recorded sound files or select some pre-made music as background music.

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Titles and Text

Giving your video a title is extremely important you are making videos for Instagram or YouTube. In FilmoraGo you will able to add texts on your project and to make more professional, you can change the colour, add drop shadow and even animate that. All of these features are available on the text tab.

Effects and Filters

After you are happy with the timeline you can add filters to give the video a professional look. It can be compared to colour grading if you are familiar with the term. You will also be able to adjust the strength of the filter. Later you can add effects, like chromatic, bad TV signal, Water, AmPlash etc. These will come in handy on B-roll shots.

Another important feature is the transitions. It adds some motion to your footage while changing shots and removes a hard cut. If you shoot your footage keeping this mind, you will be able to make eye-catching videos for your audience. FilmoraGo comes 25 transitions and most of them look great.


FilmoraGo is made to keep social media in mind. If you slide the menu bar, you will find the canvas option. From that, you can select the ratio you want to export your video into. For example, if you are planning to upload the video to Instagram, you can select 1:1 or 4:5 aspect ratio, or 9:16 for Tiktok.

You can render the same project with different ratio to upload it to several platforms too. When you are happy with the project just click on the top right arrow button and select the resolution you want to export into. Finally, press export and you are done. Just like importing the footage, exporting time will also depend on the hardware, but I can assure that while editing you will not face any stuttering at all.

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You can use all of the pre-installed effects without paying a penny and render your video in up to 720P. Although the footage will have a small FilmoraGo watermark. If you want to step up the resolution and get rid of the watermark they offer monthly and annual Pro subscription. You can also add extra filters, effects and stickers by paying a small fee, but if you go for the subscription everything will be free.


As you can see, FilmoraGo comes with a lot of features that will make your video much more presentable with minimal effort. Although you need to pay a monthly or yearly fee, the features you are getting is worth it. So I can easily recommend FilmoraGo to anyone looking for a free or paid editing software for android and iOS.

Download FilmoraGo from Playstore

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