Top Hit Anime Shows of 2020


The animation is nothing but a method by which you can present a picture as a moving object. Previously images used to be drawn by hand on transparent sheets made of cellulose and used to be exhibited as films. In modern days, most of the images are drawn by the imagery software generated by the computer. There are generally two types of animations prevalent in the area of computer animation.

2D animations are used to give some style in the presentation; whereas 3D animation depicts a more detailed picturization of the computer animations. The basic formula of computer animation is nothing but portraying some images together one by one in rapid succession in a particular sequence. But the prime condition is that the interval between the two images should be equal. This creates an illusion in the mind of the viewer. Some of the popular media of electronic animation like the television shows and videos were previously managed analogically but in modern times, they have been digital.

Use of Animation Technology

The use of this technology has increased very drastically. Previously people used to watch cartoon shows on television and the vital use of animation technologies was largely confined to that area. But as time passed by, the revolution in animation technology has made it’s used very wide-spread. Not only this, now animation has its biggest use in the field of video games and game development. In recent times, computer games and video games are one of the biggest profit-making industries. The use of animation is humongous there and the game developers are designing the newer techniques to impress the players of these games. But this is not the end here. Computer animation has one more large use in the film industry where commercial animation films are made. Kids of the 21st century like to see these movies and enjoy them and this very trend helps to make huge profits to the filmmakers.

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Types of Animation

Animation can be categorized based on different traits. But as per the technique of making it, it can be categorized into three types.

  1. Traditional animation has been used to make animation videos and films until the 20th century. It was popular with one another name, Cell animation. Some of the hand-painted drawings or photographs were placed in a roll of paper. They used to be slightly different from the previous one and this very difference used to create the illusion. This type of animation was further subdivided into Full and Limited animation.
  2. Stop motion animation is generated by manipulating real-world objects physically. Then these objects are photographed in a particular frame at a time which helps to create the illusion. Some of the examples of puppet animation which uses this technique comprehensively. One of the techniques that are more or less similar to the puppet animation is Clay animation where the real-world object is made up of clay.
  3. The most advanced technology to create an animation is computer animation that uses numerous techniques and is made digitally on a computer. The two sides of this computer animation are 2D and 3D animation. 2D animation focuses on the manipulation of images whereas the 3D technology is used to make a virtually real world in from of the eye.

Some of the Most Loved Anime Shows of the World

As people of the current century Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender like movies, so their expectations from the producers have reached the sky. So when they are voting for the best anime shows, you will definitely try to compare them with the level of the best movies.

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  • That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime: Season 2 is one of the most leading Japanese makers of these high-class anime movies where they use the latest techniques of animation to create the most believable virtual reality world. The anime That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is very popular there and due to this, they are making sequels if it. The basic story is about the adventurous actions of Rimuru Tempest, who used to be a corporate employee once. But due to certain reasons, he reincarnated as a very powerful monster who has taken the responsibility to make a peaceful ambiance for other monsters everywhere.
  • In the anime film The Plunderer, everyone in this world is assigned with a number that does not refer to any specific action of a person. But the lower the number, the lower the reputation of that person is there at the world of Plunderers. People like thrillers bout the adventures of Hina’s mother, who’s number count has dropped down to zero and Licht, who also have quiet less number as per his assignment.
  • In the animated movie The Promised Neverland, a group of children came to know that the orphanage where they grew up is actually a farm to produce human beings. This story along with their adventure was shown in the first season, whereas, in the second season, you will have to face the adverse reality of the world outside the orphanage.
  • In/Spectre is based on the story of a girl at the teenage named Kotoko Iwanaga who is a medium between humans and the spirits. But during all these, she was attracted to Kurou Sakuragawa who had to face break up just a few days ago with his girlfriend. Both of them fall in love but Kotoko soon discovered that something more is there between them. Both of them jointly started solving spiritual problems.
  • In the anime film Somali and the forest Spirit. We can see the story of a forest where the population of human beings is on the verge of extinction and the ruler of the forest is some supernatural creatures who are not merely the creatures of the world. One of the Golem found a young human girl who got lost in the forest and they started traveling together. When they finally reached their destination, they found themselves in a father-daughter relationship.
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