Need help reaching USAA’s customer service? DoNotPay will connect you to a live agent without waiting on hold

Over a quarter of Americans find waiting on hold their number one cause of anger. Transfers, phone trees, and endless waiting on hold are irritating at the least, and many think them unbearable. Fortunately, DoNotPay has found a way to help the customers get in touch with a live USAA rep without pulling their hair out. 

USAA is known as a company with a well-trained, friendly customer service department. Unfortunately, this department is not that easy to reach. Trying to reach USAA’s customer service over the phone is especially aggravating. USAA offers a lot of different services and there is a separate department in charge of each. This means that when you look up the company’s customer service number, you will find a dozen possible lines. Many people make a mistake and dial the wrong one. They wait on hold for a while only to realize that the agent they’ve reached cannot help them. In such cases, it takes several transfers and even more waiting on hold to get in touch with an employee that can help them solve their problem. 

Besides waiting on hold for at least a couple of minutes, there is another issue that makes calling USAA’s customer service so frustrating. Before you reach a live employee, you need to go through the phone maze that is the company’s voice response system. You are supposed to state your issue briefly and clearly and the automated machine will try to help you. Most people find this inefficient, useless, and time-consuming.

If you considered sending them an angry email, think again. USAA doesn’t have an email address for customers’ complaints. There are two ways you could send a written complaint: through their mobile app or via their social media accounts. None of these methods are effective as your letter or post can easily get ignored. Best case scenario: you will receive a reply in about a week. 

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USAA encourages their clients to contact them through an online form on the company’s website. While this method may work, it is a bit tricky. In order to send your complaint through this contact form, you need to register and get an online ID and password. This process will take a lot of your precious time. It can also be too confusing, especially if you’re not tech-savvy. In fact, many users report calling USAA’s customer service to help them figure out how to sign up for the online customer service platform. Weird, right?

What makes this issue even worse is that most people call USAA’s customer service because of some urgent problems. If your house burnt down, you won’t have time to deal with answering machines and wait on hold for what seems like an eternity. You’d need help as fast as possible. Besides insurance claims, customers call the company for other problems, such as coverage questions and roadside assistance.

DoNotPay understands that reaching customer service promptly in times of need is of utmost importance. That’s why this app was built—to help customers reach someone who can help them faster. To get in touch with USAA’s customer service, open the app and click on the customer support option. After you type in the company’s name, the app will do all the work for you. You won’t have to wait on hold at all. Instead, you can do whatever you feel like until you receive a notification that a free USAA agent is ready to talk to you. DoNotPay also records all conversations with customer service so you can use the recordings if needed. It can also generate a demand letter and help you fill in the paperwork needed for small claims court. 

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“I think the world would be a lot fairer place if people had someone fighting for them”, Joshua Browder, the founder of DoNotPay said. “Customers need someone to make big companies respect them and their rights.”

Find out more about DoNotPay’s fight against waiting on hold now. 

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