PUBG Alternatives: Top 5 Best Games Like PUBG Mobile

Are you bored playing PUBG all day? 🙁

If yes, then today in this post I’ll share some of the best games like PUBG which are very much similar to PUBG. All these games mentioned in this list can satisfy the concept of “Battle Royale

Note: These PUBG Alternatives are only for Android & iOS device.

Best PUBG Alternatives

1.) Fortnite


Fortnite was initially launched in 2017 by Epic Games only for PC having more than 125 million active players. Later in October 2018 Epic Games also launched its Android (Beta) which was earlier invite only but now it is freely available to everyone.

Fortnite is not just another Battle Royale game but it has the core concept of Battle Royale along with it is own uniqueness. Truly, Fortnite is one of the best PUBG alternatives and also one of the strongest competitors to PUBG.

2.) Free Fire


Free Fire by Garena is yet another Battle Royale game where you’ll be dropped on an island with 49 other players and you’ve to win the match in just 10 minutes only. Although, it is a great Battle Royale game for all those who don’t like long matches and have a low specification mobile as it doesn’t require high graphics and the size of the app is just 64MB only.

To all those who have a good skill of playing PUBG and switching to PUBG will be a hell lot easier because controls are almost the same and easy to play as well. Free Fire should be your go-to PUBG Alternative.

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3.) Rules of Survival


rules of survival

Rules of Survival by NetEase Games is also another trending Battle Royal Game having more than 100M+ downloads and is a great PUBG alternative. The base concept of Battle Royale is clearly available where 120 players are dropped on an island the last man standing is the winner.

The Rules of Survival is quite the closest Battle Royal Game similar to PUBG whether be it in graphics or in terms of controls. Personally, I did like this game and it was a lot more interesting to play.

4.) Knives Out


knives out

Knives Out by NetEase Games is another Battle Royale Game with more than 10M+ downloads known for its smooth graphics and smooth gameplay. It is very much similar to PUBG and concept is same where 100 players are dropped on an island and the last man standing wins the game.

Knives Out is also a great PUBG Alternatives because of its unique map locations, graphics and easy to use controls. Although there are not timely updates for Knives Out.

5.) Bullet Strike


bullet strike

Bullet Strike by Horus Entertainment is one of the classic Battle Royale game with high-quality 3D graphics. If you’re into Sniping then this is your go-to game as it is primarily focused more on sniping. You’re dropped with 20 other players and you’ve to be the last man standing.

Bullet Strike is one of the best the PUBG Alternatives and you should also try the PvP and the PvE modes.


According to me, PUBG is really unbeatable when it comes to Battle Royale Games. PUBG is quite addictive and it already has millions of active players. Although, if you still don’t want to play PUBG these were some of the Best PUBG Alternatives for Android & iOS.

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