TrackYourDividends Review: Track Your Stock Portfolio

For staying in a leading position in the financial markets, technology is probably the most important factor now. At present, tracking dividend service is available in many places. TrackYourDividends is one of the best free dividend tracker available, and it helps you track your portfolio in a very simple manner.

Long before Google and Amazon using their algorithms, automation and algorithms were already in use by the hedge funds. At present, investors want to benefit as much as possible from the portfolio trackers to track the market conditions.


TrackYourDividends is a service that helps you with providing information regarding how good the dividend portfolio is performing. Your dividend spreadsheet is no longer required. The interface is quite easy, and tracking the portfolio has never been easier.

With the service from TrackYourDividends, dividend income can be easily tracked. This includes the tracking of the yield on cost, the dividend portfolio, and the total yield weighted. The best part about TrackYourDividends is it is entirely free, and under no circumstances will be a customer charged. There are zero hidden fees. The diversity is also provided in charts top provide a better understanding. This way, both the safety and understanding of your portfolio will be kept intact.

In the dividend dashboard of TrackYourDividends, you will see the equivalent amount of the portfolio value. The per cent of the dividend yield is also displayed. Total numbers of stocks which are owned are also shown, and the annual income is presented.

As for the diversification charts, the customers can easily understand the underweighted and the overweighted sectors or stocks. The charts are quite easy to read and are very helpful to the clients. The number of sectors invested is shown, along with the number of stocks owned. The percentage of the highest weighted financial services is displayed. The ETF or the lowest weighted rate is also presented.

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How does TrackYourDividends Work?

The service of TrackYourDividends allows you to track your portfolio and helps you to see through the individual holdings by monitoring their movements correctly. Users can see what the result of the present allocation is and what effect does it create. This way, you will also get a clear picture of how your goals are going to be achieved in the long term. As a result, the competition among the rest of the market becomes clear to you.

Users get the opportunity to add the portfolios from the various accounts related to the investment. The users can also create portfolios manually. This is particularly useful for implementing and trying out strategies. If the investments are tracked too regularly, it can result in excess trading. However, it is essential to keep the asset allocation correctly, and for that, you need to track your stock portfolio. The service of TrackYourDividends is one of the best ways to monitor your stock portfolio.

It is not only important to have access to quality research, but you also need to formulate a proper snapshot by combining the accounts. The effective total allocation and the formulation of a more effective strategy can be analyzed in a much better way from the service of TrackYourDividends.

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Important Features of TrackYourDividends

There are a number of reasons why TrackYourDividends is one of the most chosen portfolio trackers in the market at present. Some of the important features of TrackYourDividends are given below.

  • Cost – The service of TrackYourDividends is entirely free for the users, and there is no hidden charge of any kind. Users need not pay anything for any service and still get a great effective service.
  • A large number of assets which can be tracked – With TrackYourDividends, you can also follow your funds easily. The following is not restricted to any investment either. This means you can follow ETFs, bonds, and stocks without any hassle.
  • High speed working – Every user will require a tracking service that starts up quickly on any of your devices, whether it’s your laptop or phone. However, the most important feature is how fast the price updates are displayed. TrackYourDividends excels on this point, and the stock quotes are updated very close to real-time data.
  • The interface is user-friendly – TrackYourDividends is also very easy to use, and navigation of the services and understanding them is very simple even for the new users.

Other Advantages of TrackYourDividends

With the help of TrackYourDividends, users can develop custom portfolios. These portfolios include bonds, stocks, cash, options, and even cryptocurrencies. These custom portfolios can also be tracked easily. Portfolios can also be imported if the brokerage account is linked. In this way, you will have no problems getting the important updates about the economic trends, world news on the market, and the different trends related to the investments made. The tracking of the portfolio can be done from any smart device, including computers, mobiles, and tabs. The analysis investment can be obtained for free, just like the other services of TrackYourDividends.

TrackYourDividends also helps you to optimize all of your accounts and help you to achieve the asset allocation in a proper way for you to reach your aim. Tax-loss harvesting services are also offered via advice. Users can also get access to multiple pools of information and data, which are considered to be wealthy in the financial and stock market. Sometimes the users need to sign up to a new account for this service, which is free of cost as well.

There are multiple features available in TrackYourDividends which are very valuable, and numerous portfolios can be linked, imported, or made manually. With so many different portfolios linked, you can easily track all of them in a single place.

The portfolio is also analyzed with the utmost scrutiny. It helps you with guiding your diversity, how to implement effective strategies, and how the usage of the various tools can be used according to the best of their ability.

Another advantage of using TrackYourDividends is that you can accurately track your bank accounts, the bills due, and the statements of the credit cards. As a result, the management and the funding of the investment are very simple. This is because you are getting a clear picture beforehand where you are investing your money.

With TrackYourDividends, you are also getting a free service of getting your profile checked for any risks, and tips regarding how to stick to the target of the allocation of assets. The investment gets an extra boost, and users can use the service from the website of TrackYourDividends, whether they are an iOS, Android, or a Windows user.

TrackYourDividends also helps you to track the actual performances of the stocks automatically that you have listed within multiple stock exchanges recognized globally. There are special provisions to follow the various asset classes, and these include bonds, alternatives, private equity, cryptocurrencies, and other investments as well. Since you can track all of them in a single platform, the workload becomes automatically lighter. You can keep a tab on the portfolio, and your performance and dividends can be tracked easily. Thus, managing tax becomes easier.

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The market will move daily, and you cannot keep track of everything. Using the services of TrackYourDividends, all of your stock portfolios can be tracked quickly and efficiently. Hence, the headache of tax-time is significantly lowered.

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