iPhone 11 Pro To Resemble Tesla’s New Cybertruck!

iPhone is mainly known for its stupendously done design and working efficiency. However, Caviar has declared the arrival of Cyberphone, an iPhone, modified enough to look like Tesla’s recently launched electric truck. The iPhone 11 Pro has been deliberately made by the Russian firm Caviar, only to make it look more like the Tesla Cybertruck. Not to mention, that Caviar is selling the Cyberphone for $15,860 (Approx. Rs 11.3 lakh).

More About Cybertruck…

Credits: Hypebeast

Some salient features of the same are:

  • Tesla’s latest electric vehicle is meant to replace conventional trucks
  • It is available at a starting range of $40,000 in the USA.
  • Cyberphone has a folding cover.
  • Protection from breakage in case of an accidental drop, also protecting the display.
  • It is now available for pre-order but it will be available in limited units (precisely 99).

Final Thoughts

Tesla’s cyber phone that resembles a truck is a thought that goes from iPhone 11 pro, right into one’s mind. Hope you grab yours soon. P.s. the pre-ordering system in on!

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