Worried About Losing Your Verified Account Status? These Social Media Hacks Can Help You Maintain Consistency

In the world of social media, having a blue tick in front of your name is equivalent to unlocking a new achievement. It is coveted by many but is not as easy to come, for one needs to work hard to earn it. Until recently, there was no way you could request a verification of your profile.

But now, the rules have changed, and Instagram approves providing the blue tick to those who meet their eligibility criteria. For being eligible, the essential requirement would be to have a notable number of followers (10k+), unique content, and make sure your profile is filled with no missing details.

But if you have a verified account already, remember that it comes with a lot of responsibility. This is especially true with social media influencers and verified accounts, for there are stiff consequences for sharing hate speech or misinformation. So here are a few social media hacks to help you maintain consistency and never lose the status of your verified account:

Know What Your Audience Likes

Building a significant following takes time, and often a good understanding of what the target audience likes. While brands often use target personas to guide their messaging, social media influencers can use it to understand the kind of content they should be focusing on.

Create a niche with your social media presence and make sure you are focused on catering to this niche.

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To understand what the audience likes, start by analyzing your activity. Use Instagram analytics and insights to help you gain a perspective into which type of story or post from you has got the most engagement.

You can even think about surveying to get audience engagement and help understand what content they expect from you. You can even get in touch with an Instagram agency that can help you gain insights on your audience and create the perfect strategy to maximize your engagement.

Make use of Popular Hashtags

For public accounts, the best way to reach a wider audience is to make use of the popular hashtags. While it is essential to use hashtags that are trending, overdoing it, or using irrelevant tags with your content will not work. So when selecting the hashtags to be added, make sure you follow this simple rule:

  1. Relevance first
  2. Popularity second

Collaborate with Other Influencers

Creating great content once is an art, but to keep doing it takes patience and practice. You can even collaborate with other influencers and provide something insightful to your audience.

By collaborating with other influencers, you not only keep your audience happy, but you also reach out to a broader set of audiences. For collaborations, make sure that you are focusing on mutual interest for both parties.

Share Unique Content That Helps You Stand Out

You don’t just become someone with a verified account unless you are popular. Doing so will require you to create newsworthy content that people will want to share ahead. Your followers interacting with and sharing your content is what will ultimately help you reach a wider audience.

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To create good content, you need in-depth knowledge of the topic, and you need to stay updated with it. Also, remember that you need to have visually appealing content. So while you have a unique perspective on things, add visuals that grab attention, so your target audience doesn’t just scroll past your post.

Be Careful of Fake News and Hateful Posts

One sure-shot way of losing your verified account status, or worse, get your account shut down is by spreading hateful content or fake news. While the internet is full of fake and politically inciting content, social media platforms make an extra effort to ensure that verified accounts are not the ones doing it.

If found doing so, it may result in a lot of people reporting your account, which could result in a temporary ban. The best thing to do is to verify anything you share and stay focused on topics that you are knowledgeable about.

If there are times when you would want to speak about a political event, make sure you do so without being hateful and stick to the point you wish to make. This way, you are educating the audience and sharing your views without violating any norms.

Avoid Bad Social Practices

In life, there are no shortcuts, and the same stands for social media. Influencers who try to use hacks or bad practices to increase their followers may not last long. So while you have a verified account, never be tempted into taking the easy way to succeed. Some things to avoid are:

Buying followers: 

You may see a lot of advertising or channels promoting paid followers and engagement. In most cases, these bots may help you reach a certain number but can hurt in the long run.

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Social media platforms are always doing due-diligence to ensure these spammy accounts are removed, and if you are found having too many of these ‘fake followers,’ chances are you may get your account banned.

Breaking community guidelines:

There are strict social media guidelines when it comes to certain things, like abusing, sharing nude or child pornography, impersonating someone, and a lot more. So when sharing or re-sharing content, be mindful of your actions.

Do not get into fights and be abusive:

Social media is full of trolls and accounts that only share hateful content. When you have a verified account, there are chances these accounts will try to incite you into responding or posting offensive comments. During such times, remember to practice restraint and never get into social media fights.

Know that even your DMs can be an issue, so be mindful of what you say:

Often, the last thing you want to do is saying something obnoxious to someone in a personal message. Know that it is easy for anyone to take a screenshot and post it online, which can ruin your online reputation. So keep it professional even for personal chats and be mindful of what you say.


If you are one of the few who has the privilege of a verified account, make sure you do not do anything that’ll get your account disabled or your badge taken away. Some of these things include:

  • Trying to transfer or sell your verified badge or account to a third-party
  • Attempting to verify your account through a third party
  • Using your profile picture, bio or name to promote other services

So stay true and do your thing, and post quality content to keep your Instagram verification status!

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