Here’s to A Quick Glance At YouTube’s Much Awaited ‘Explore’ Tab!

So there’s to something new with the most used app – YouTube gradually does away with the Trending tab and embeds an “Explore” tab instead. What a wow, isn’t it?

What YouTube Has To Say About It?

Credits: TechCrunch

YouTube community help center, however, mentions that the Trending tab goes nowhere, it stays. Seemingly, it will have its own section in the “Explore” feed. Earlier UI had Trending option on the Home Tab that enabled users to see the trending videos in their country. Now, the Explore tab won’t replace the trending option completely. Meanwhile, it will become a sub-section of the Explore tab. This further enables users to see anything and everything they desire, beyond external boundaries/limits!

What’s New in Youtube Explore Tab?

We see certain minor yet striking changes on YouTube now. They are:

  • The new Explore tab will have a colorful layout in the form of tiles rather than the old monochrome icons for topics.
  • Google says that the new layout will inspire and instigate creators and artists and will put them in high demand.
  • The feature is being extensively tested before the final release.


Let’s hope to see and grasp this changed feature of Google in our YouTube platforms ASAP. Till then let’s also contain our excitement as regular YouTube users!

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