Airdrop For Android? Google To Enable Nearby Sharing!

Google has something extremely advantageous for us all as it introduces Nearby Sharing, an AirDrop concept for Android. Seemingly the newer concept is to replace Android Beam, something that was already of discontinued usage, with Android 10. Following this, Samsung too will be introducing a similar alternative, “Quick Share”.

What’s More?

Credits: The Verge

According to XDA Developers, they have been successful in testing out the unreleased feature. They did so by doing a wireless transfer between a Google Pixel 2 XL and the new Pixel 4. XDA Developers thus concluded that both phones were running Android 10. This means that the concept of “Nearby Sharing” will be available on Android devices with Google Play Services already installed.

What Has Happened Until Now?

  • XDA Developers accessed Nearby Sharing, given on a hands-on video by accessing the Quick Settings.
  • The option is clearly visible in the Quick Settings tile and can be readily turned on or off.
  • The system allows you to search accounts to share files with.
  • Nearby Sharing is rather a convenient, and a useful option as it readily permits every file that’s sent to you, a choice to keep your device visible, and choosing data or Wi-Fi for transferring data like normal.
  • For AirDrop to be in use, Bluetooth and location must also be turned on, whereas to use Nearby Sharing, XDA Developers report that the distance limit is one foot apart.

Final Thoughts!

Nearby Sharing was previously known by the name, “Fast Share”.  Nearby Sharing is rather a worthy opponent to AirDrop as it gets embedded into Android devices. Seemingly, this will truly replace the Android Beam.

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