11 Best Discord Bots for your Discord Server

Do you own any discord server?

If you do, then why don’t you try out some of the best discord bots which can instantly boost the performance of your discord server. Using Discord Bots in a server can be helpful as they boost productivity, provides automation, etc.

There are different types of discord bots which perform different tasks such as moderate chats, play music, control the spam, manage servers, etc.

Before we begin I would highly suggest you to go through detailed discord guide and how to add bot to discord server and then try playing with other discord bots.

Best Discord Bots

1. Rythm Bot

Rythm bot is a music bot which was designed with only one goal in mind, that is to provide users with amazing music experience and to let their inner artist rise. It offers tons of features with each feature dedicated to a specific purpose. This ensures optimal quality and also provides user satisfaction.

The bot delivers high-quality music from various sources which ensure availability. It is considered one of the best discord bots for music. The rythm bot commands are very simple and anyone can use them.

2. GAwesome Bot

GAwesome bot is best described by its name itself. It is one of the awesome discord bots for fun and music available in the market. Currently, it’s in the beta version but that doesn’t mean it’s not reliable.

The GAwesome bot commands are quite simple and doesn’t restrict anyone to certain limits. The bot provides amazing features and is quite simple and easy to configure. The GAwesome bot is free and open source which means you can change it according to your requirements.

3. Tatsumaki Bot

Using Tatsumaki bot system, you can earn XP (experience) points. These points help you level up in a visually interesting level system. This makes the interaction more fun and also makes the discord bot cool to use. The tatsumaki bot commands are easy to use and user-friendly as well.

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Using the reputation system, you can upvote other members of your choice which creates a healthy social environment. With the points, you can buy customizations to customize your commands and make the usage more fun.

4. Dyno Bot

Dyno Bot is an amazing and fully customizable bot which comes with a simple user interface. This discord bot is ideal for users who love the simplicity and are not too attracted to complexity.

It is packed with many features such as customizability, moderation, the ability to avoid spam and many more. The bot provides the freedom to create custom dyno bot commands which will make the user experience fun and simple.

5. MEE6 Bot

MEE6 bot is one of the best discord bots that I personally liked. The dashboard gives you the full control to manage commands. The mee6 bot commands can be created by you and that too without any technical knowledge.

These commands can be used to add, manage and remove roles of each bot. Using the leveling system, you can reward members and make the experience more fun.

6. Discord Dungeons Bot

It’s a discord bot not less than a robot. It can easily do things and perform tasks that a robot can. It receives commands from the player and posts related to the request are displayed with the help of discord dungeons bot commands.

These can be proved to be the most useful discord bots as they also have a DiscordRPG feature… but, it’s not just a feature, it is equivalent to many features as it enables you to play an adventure virtually by generating your faced roleplay. It also stores the progress information from where you started playing to where you left off.

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7. Nightbot

It is one of the coolest discord bots which basically acts as a messenger that enables to chat or post comments during live streams and make the live run more smoothly on YouTube, Twitch as well as other platforms. So, that viewers are glued to your live stream by which more and more people join and get more entertained.

Also, Nightbot is cloud-hosted so it is always available and ready to use without giving any troubleshoots. Nightbot can be greatly customized that you can modify the features through night bot commands, and make them work the way you want.

8. Donate Bot

Donate Bot is one of the best discord bots that provides users the ability to donate. It’s completely optional like it’s the users wish whether he/she wants to donate or not! But still, discord has received over $100,000 donations through Donate Bot. Don’t you think there must be some reason for which the users are attracted to donate? It’s nothing but the performance that this bot offers by using donate bot commands.

9. Dank Memer Bot

Do you also like Dank Memes?

Well, Dank Member Bot is one of the best fun discord bots as the trend of memes is increasing day by day. It’s not just a normal discord bot it is far better than usual bots as it provides latest memes by using dank memer bot commands. Having a meme bot in your discord server keeps the server active and improves engagement.

10. YAGPDB Bot

YAGPDB is the best multi-purpose bot for Discord. Well, it does a bunch of stuff and presently it has got 82,864 YAGPDB bot commands ran till today. So, it is the most difficult task to explain what each command does.

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It’s better to try it out by adding it onto a testing server and see what it provides for yourself. Some of its features are self-assignable roles, automatic moderator, custom commands, server stats, general moderation, etc.

11. Welcomer Bot

Welcomer Bot is designed specifically to welcome all the users who join discord by creating images, stickers, etc. Apart from this feature, welcomer bot also has a web dashboard packed with the ability to moderate servers, borderwall i.e security control, etc.

Welcomer Bot is currently used in over 100,000+ servers and the welcomer bot commands are easy to remember with instant response.


So these were some of the best discord bots which are being used in almost all popular discord servers. Personally out of all these discord bots I found that MEE6 Bot was the best discord bot for my server.

Also, if you are a discord server admin then I would highly suggest you to add these discord bots on your discord server. If you don’t know how to add a bot to discord server here’s how to add bots to discord server

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If you feel that any discord bot is missing please let me know in the comment section and I’ll add it in this list. If you found this useful then please do share it with all the discord server admins.

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