How to Add Bots to Discord Server? [2021 Updated]

Are you a Discord Server Admin? Well, if your answer is “YES” then I’ve got great news for all the discord server admins because in this tutorial I’m going to share what is discord bot and how to add bots to discord server?

In short, Discord Bot is a bot (like an actual robot) which is meant to increase productivity, save time, etc. by performing tasks like delivering notifications, moderation, scheduling events, manage servers, control spam, play music, etc.

discord voice chat for gamers

One of my friends was admin of a discord server and he was not able to manage the discord server 24/7 so with the help of discord bots we were able to automate the server.

Using these bots can be a great addition to your server and will instantly boost the performance of your discord server.

Do you want to make your discord server more powerful with the help of automation?

So without wasting any time here’s how to add bots to discord server let’s begin…

…but before we begin make sure to have a discord server. We have already covered how to make a discord server tutorial.

How to Add Bots to Discord Server?

Note: You can only add bots to discord server if you have “Manage Server” Permissions on that discord server.

discord manage server

To add bots to discord server, we’ll first require a bot which has to be added to the discord server. There are a lot of useful discord bots available and in this tutorial, I’m going to use Rythm Bot.

Rythm Bot is one of the best discord music bots when it comes to allowing a song to played on a discord server.

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Now that we know which bot that has to be added on our discord server its time to add bots to discord server.

Note: As the steps are the same you can use this on Discord’s Website or even on Discord App.

Did you know you can easily add invisible text discord on your username?

How to Add Bots to Discord Server using Carbonitex?

1.) First of all, Login to your Discord Account.

discord login

2.) Choose the server where bots have to be added.

add bots to discord server

3.) Next, Visit Carbonitex and choose the Rythm Bot (or any other bot that you would like to add on your discord server)

carbonitex bots discord

4.) Allow permissions and choose the discord server to add bot to that discord server.

For example, I’ve chosen TechCrucial Discord Sever and the bot would be added to that discord server only.

discord music bot

5.) Next click on the Authorize button, solve the captchas and the Rythm Bot is added to your discord server.

Adding a bot to discord Sever was quite an easy task right? Well adding a bot to discord is easy but must also learn discord bot commands and how to use discord bot as well.

how to use discord bots

So as I’ve used Rythm Bot as an example I’ll demonstrate some rythm bot commands.

Every bot comes with a prefix which has to be used to for a response from a bot like for Rythm Bot the prefix was “!” whereas the prefix for Dynobot was “?”

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Video Tutorial

If you were unable to follow this tutorial don’t worry you can watch this video tutorial.

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In the end, I would like to conclude that bots are really powerful, helps automate, saves us time so adding them to your discord server can definitely improve the overall performance.  Also, make sure to test each bot manually and know the prefix of each bot.

If you are still unable to add bots to your discord server then let me know in the comments section I’ll personally help you add bots to discord server. Liked this tutorial? Make sure to share it with your friends and help them to build their discord server with bots. I hope I was able to provide the easiest solution to your problem of “how to add bots to discord” with the help of an example.

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