299+ Best Discord Servers List [Updated]

Would you like to explore some of the best discord servers list? Well, you’ve come to the right place, I have gathered some of the best discord servers list with more than 299+ best discord servers. I’ve divided these discord servers into like gaming, fun, anime, NSFW, etc. So without wasting any time let’s begin with some of the best discord servers available globally.

Best Discord Servers List

best discord servers

In this section, I will list the best discord servers from all categories. Be it gaming, fun, or anime, the below are the top servers on Discord. Need to know the best servers among all the categories out there? Here is the list of best discord servers for you.

public discord servers

Public Discord Servers

Well, public discord servers are those servers which are open to all. That is to say, you do not need the admin’s permission to join the same. All you need to do is find the server and join for hassle-free live in-game chatting. Here we will find some of the best list of discord servers which you might want to join for seamless chatting experience.

meme discord servers

Meme Discord Servers

Well at the present time, a meme is one of the most entertaining things you will find on the internet. Thus the community of the same is also huge. If someone is a meme lover and is looking join some of the greatest meme servers then here is the list for the same.

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Gaming Discord Servers

Discord is always meant for gaming, however, in recent time, the app is widely used for other purposes too. If you are a gamer and searching for some good gaming discord servers here is the list of the same. If will find the best server in accordance with your gaming preferences.

PUBG Discord Servers

Being the most downloaded game in the app store, this game has got a serious fan base. And if you are one of them too, then here are the best discord servers to join.

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fortnite discord servers

Fortnite Discord Servers

Fornite is one of the very few games, who is giving tough competition to PUBG. Thus if you are not into PUBG and are a fortnite fan, here are the top discord servers for you.

apex legend discord servers

Apex Legends Discord Servers

This is also a pretty good game while comparing to other games in the market. As this is a team game, discord really helps you to have strategic gaming with their voice chat option. Here are some of the best discord server list for your next apex legend game.

roblox discord servers

Roblox Discord Servers

Are you a hardcore Roblox gamer? Well, we’ve got you covered here’s a list of all top discord servers for Roblox.

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cs go discord servers

CS GO Discord Server

When it comes to FPS gaming, CS GO is one of the most popular games in this genre. Below are some of the best discord servers to join.

dota 2 discord servers

Dota 2 Discord Servers

Another team game which requires continuous voice chat to manipulate the in-game strategies. The below are some best discord server list of this game.

minecraft discord servers

Minecraft Discord Servers

Minecraft is one of those games which is played by almost by people of all age groups. Thus this game has big community too. If you want to be a part of any of these communities, here are the best discord server list for you.

leage of legends discord servers

League of Legends Discord Servers

Apparently called as the mobile version of Dota, LOL is quite a complex game to master. To master it properly you will need live voice chats while playing the same. Apart from this, a community can help you much better. Here are some of the best discord servers for league of legends.

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fun discord servers

Fun Discord Servers

Like it was discussed earlier, Discord is not only for gaming. People communicate, discuss and have fun over here too. Thus if you are looking to have and want to join some cool discord servers; here is the list of fun discord servers.

NSFW discord servers

NSFW Discord Servers

Servers which revolve around dating, role and adult content are generally tagged as NSFW servers. Though the actual meaning of NSFW is ‘Not Safe For Work’. If you are looking to get indulge any of these adult discord servers join these 18+ discord servers.

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anime discord servers

Anime Discord Servers

Anime is a type of animated stories which is originated in Japan. However, the craze for the same runs all over the world. The below is a list of best anime discord servers.

discord dating servers

Discord Dating Servers

Well, there are some discord dating servers too. If you are interested to dig in any of these, the below is the dating discord servers list.

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Final Words

The above is the best discord server list of all time. If you’re using Discord in your day to day life do join these discord servers to enhance your experience and connect with like-minded people. I personally have joined these discord servers as I’m hardcore PUBG and Apex Legend gamer.

Apart from that, I hope you’ve found this list helpful and tried to cover the best discord servers out of 1M+ discord servers. I’ll keep adding discord servers daily to this so make sure to check it. If you feel that any discord server link is not working please comment and let me know in the comment section. Once you’ve joined these servers don’t forget to share these best discord servers list with your friends and allow them to join these discord server as well.

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