Why I can’t hear people on Discord? [5 Easy Methods to Fix]

Want to chat with your friends on discord? But, Can’t hear people on discord? I know how it feels even I was using discord and suddenly I was not able to hear my friends on discord. Although my mic was working due to technical issues I can’t hear anyone on discord. After struggling for around 1 week I’ve finally found solutions on how you can fix this problem.

I guarantee that after trying these methods you’ll be able to fix the problem and start using discord like a pro.


Can’t hear people on Discord?

Many times, there is a complaint from hardcore gamers that they can’t hear people on discord. Sometimes the problem arises to an extent that they can’t hear anyone at all on discord, although the sound would be coming clearer as indicated by the green rings.

The solution to this problem could be quite simple as there could be a bug in the Discord app which can be remedied by updating the application or can occur due to inappropriate audio settings which can be rectified by tweaking your audio device as default audio device.

These are just some minor problems and can be fixed in just a few clicks. All you’ve to do is just follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to hear people on discord.

clownfish voice changer

Method 1: Turn off all third-party voice altering applications

Sometimes the problem that people can’t hear voice on discord can arise due to third-party apps and software. The reason can be simpler as it indulges with the connection of discord, sometimes the reason can also arise due to the audio connection in the game itself.

Even I had installed clownfish voice changer to change the voice and even I can’t hear anyone on discord. All I had to was just disable clownfish and I was able to hear everyone on discord.

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It is suggested to close all their-party application and also the audio connection of game if being played during Discord call.

can't hear people on discord

Method 2: Discord in-app Setting: Maintain Output Device and Output Volume

Well, if you still can’t hear people on discord then the problem can be the inside the Discord app itself.

  • The Discord app provides numerous audio settings which can be accessed by moving towards the ‘User Settings’ by clicking the setting icon in the bottom right corner of the window screen next to the avatar.
  • Make sure the slider of the ‘Output Volume’ is not to the zero. If it is, then adjust the volume to your wish. This should clear all the audio problems if the reason was because of the decrease in output audio.
  • If the problem still persists, it is suggested to scroll down to the bottom and click on the ‘Reset Voice Settings‘ button. It will make all set to default values and hence will clear all the major issues with the audio problems and you will be able to hear your buddy’s voice again.

Method 3: Turn on the Legacy Audio Subsystem

The problem can also arise because of the compatibility of the hardware does not meet with that of Discord’s latest audio subsystem. To resolve this issue, go to the Legacy Audio System and then turn it on. This method has helped a lot of users and hence must try this method.

discord audio not working

  1. Open discord and head towards the icon named ‘User Settings
  2. Now click on the “Voice and Video” tab and search for the option named as ‘Use Legacy Audio Subsystem
  3. Toggle the button by pressing on it. You will see a confirmation dialog box. Proceed further by clicking on the ‘okay‘ button.
  4. Now close this window by pressing the ESC button.
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This will help in clearing your issue if the issue is related to the Legacy Audio Subsystem. This method works fine and is most effective in almost all cases. In case if you still can’t hear people on discord then you can still try the next method.

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Method 4: Set Default Communication Device

It is common to some problems that the device would not be working fine and hence unable to hear a voice over Discord app. This can be easily overcome by tweaking to the Default Communication Device. People are often bewildered with this problem as it is configured in windows setting not on the Discord application.

discord sound not working

Follow the following steps to set the Default Communication Device.

  1. Go to the bottom right and search for the sound icon from the icon tray.
  2. Select Playback devices, this will open the sound option with playback selected.
  3. To set the device as the default device select the audio device and right-click on it. After clicking right, then select the option ‘Set as Default Communication Device
  4. If the process is successful then there would be a green tick right to the icon of the device.
  5. After the setting is over, don’t forget to click on the ‘Apply‘ option and then click on the ‘OK‘ button.
    After applying this setting, there would be no problem with the peripherals and device of the pc.

discord web version

Method 5: Use Discord Web Version

If nothing seems to work then I guess the problem is with discord app itself. So I would highly suggest you to try the Discord Web Version. All you have to do is just visit Discord App and click on “Open Discord in your Browser“. If the problem still persists, then there are chances that the problem is with the audio system.

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Discord Web Version is as smooth as the Discord App and all functionalities are available and run smoothly. Only thing is if you will run discord on chrome then it might consume a lot of resources which at the end will make your pc slow.

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I hope these methods were good enough to fix your problem but if you still can’t hear people on discord or your discord audio is not working properly please feel free to comment and I’ll personally help you fix it. If you found this post helpful then please share it with your friends who are also facing the same issue and even they can’t hear people on discord.

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