EmailChecker Review – The Best Email Verification Service

If you are looking to clean the list of emails in your inbox, the need to have the service of a proper email verification service is very important. In this respect, EmailChecker is probably the best service at present through which you can check the validity of an email.

EmailChecker Review

There are multiple emails that are spam or fake. If these fake emails are not discarded, it can have a significant impact on your email deliverability rate. Subsequently, this may lead to a higher bounce rate, which will result in the suspension of the account. Therefore, email verification services are very important.

At EmailChecker, the verification service is simply excellent. Many people trust EmailChecker the most when it comes to such validation on digital marketing. EmailChecker is a wide known service which is now hired by many prominent institutions as well. The data effectiveness is very strong, and the safety of email accounts is verified. The fake emails are easily filtered and discarded. When the complaints, hard bounces, invalid characters and addresses, disposables, and the spam traps are removed, the email deliverability rate will automatically improve. With the help of EmailChecker, be sure to see the increase in your ROI. Your sender reputation also gets increased.

EmailChecker is also known to provide a deliverability rate of 99.99 percent. The interface is also very easy to handle, and the ‘drag & drop’ function is also available for the convenience of the users. With the proper verification by EmailChecker, an email is validated with real-time data, and no extra sending of message or mail is required. Users need not download any application for using the EmailChecker services as well.

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Features of EmailChecker

The main features of EmailChecker are given below.

  • Checking of system and format – The format and syntax get checked to make sure that the email address is proper and the mail is sent successfully.
  • Checking of domains – This checking makes sure that a proper domain name is present in the email address. The domain is also verified to see whether sending the mail is safe.
  • Checking of Mailbox – The address segment, and especially the sign ‘@’ is checked properly in each mail.
  • B2B verification – EmailChecker also has a B2B cloud platform that is fast and secure. This facilitates the email cleaning process.
  • Verification by Yahoo database – EmailChecker also provides the option of checking emails with the help of the Yahoo database. With the help of the real-time API service, the highest level of accuracy is maintained. Yahoo verification is very important, as it provides a completely new level of the verification process. Not many email verification services provide such a feature.
  • Quick verification – The platform of EmailChecker has a very quick process of verifying emails. With the help of such speed, you can easily check a single email in an instant. Just go to the dashboard and select an email address and verify it. You will get the results very quickly.
  • DOA – Disposable Email Address or the DOA is another feature of EmailChecker. This means that users will have the benefit of getting their emails checked and detection of all fake emails, even within the temporary email addresses. The database is scanned, and the fake mails are immediately marked and left temporarily to the user’s discretion.
  • Integration – There are multiple integration options available in EmailChecker, which has been done keeping in mind the different choices of the customers.
  • Correction of errors – EmailChecker also comes with API which provides the correction of the email addresses. This means that the characters that are considered invalid, such as slashes and spaces, are detected and removed automatically.
  • Cloud-based system – The verifications of the emails by EmailChecker is done from the world data centers where a brilliantly designed network map is used for detecting the fake mails with high accuracy.
  • Server uptime – The services of Dashboard and API as per the SLA or Service Level Agreement is targeted to be increased by 99.9 percent. The services are available globally.
  • Typing Mistake Correction – Typing mistakes are automatically detected and alternatives are suggested.
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EmailChecker Pricing

The pricing is quite aggressive, with a highly competitive starting price of 14 dollars only. There is also a “pay per list” service available where users can pay only for the number of emails they verify.


Thus, we can clearly see that EmailChecker is one of the finest service providers of email verification. If your target is to achieve high accuracy and high email deliverability rate, EmailChecker is there to help you out. With 24×7 Customer Support, everything you need for email verification is present.

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