Talent Acquisition Done Right: The Uses of Onboarding Software

What is Onboarding Software?

Onboarding software is technology that helps employers facilitate a smooth transition for new hires. Employee onboarding software features a digital dashboard that allows talent acquisition teams to easily communicate with one another and track the progress of each hire as they move through the employee onboarding stage of employment. This includes I-9 verification, compliance insight and tools, integrations for payroll and benefits administration. Some software even acts as a connection between the organization’s applicant tracking system and performance management system to provide a seamless transition in the new hire’s employment history.

Why Use Onboarding Software?

The first few weeks on a job are critical for both the success of a new employee and the relationship an employer forms with them. In fact, a third of employees surveyed stated they knew whether they would stay or leave a company after the first week on the job. Creating and maintaining an engaging onboarding experience is essential to a business and is a challenge many organizations struggle with.

Employee onboarding should equip new hires with everything they need to be successful and satisfied within a company. This is everything from establishing logistical employment standards to explaining internal collaboration rules.

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Adopting onboarding software reduces the risk of missing out on crucial steps because it standardizes the program for every new hire, while allowing customization for specific job titles and employment levels. What works for an executive hire will be completely different than that of an intern, but both will need new hire paperwork and introduction to the company mission, values and culture.

‘Onboarding softwares’ and ‘new hire forms’ or paperwork are two sides of the same coin, so let’s take a look at what forms are needed during a new hire and the process involved.

What Is New Hire Forms?

New hire forms consist of a variety of documents and forms that an employee must complete upon starting their employment with your business. The exact nature of this paperwork can vary, depending on state and local labor laws, as well as your specific business. There is, however, required federal new hire forms that you must have every employee complete, like the W-4 and I-9 forms. The best way to optimize your onboarding process is to create a new hire form checklist, inform your employee of the requirements ahead of time, and complete all forms as early as possible.

Listed below are the new hire forms required upon onboarding employees:

  • Employee Information Form

Gathers essential information on new hires, such as emergency contacts.

  • W-4

A Federal form that must be completed before the first paycheck is issued.

  • I-9

Federal form to ensure employment eligibility in the U.S.

  • Direct Deposit

Allows an employer to pay employees directly to their bank account.

  • Equal Opportunity Data Form

Necessary for companies with 100+ employees, or 50+ that handle federal contracts.

  • Self-Identification Forms

Form to gather information on gender, race/ethnicity, and veteran status. Often required for federal contractors.

  • Background Check Forms

For some types of background checks, you’ll need the employee to fill out an authorization form.

  • W-2 Form

Must be filled out by the employer and received by each employee.

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Tips for Streamlining the Onboarding Process

With all of the employment paperwork involved with new hires, you might feel overwhelmed, especially if you have limited HR resources.

However, there are a few initiatives you can take to ease the burden of new hire paperwork:

  • Be aware of federal, state, and local labor laws.

Although cumbersome, you’ll want to be sure that you’re well informed when it comes to the different labor laws your business needs to abide by. These laws will inform what kind of documents are required for new employees, as well as the timeline in which they must be completed. Additionally, keep an eye out for changes in hiring documentation, and new requirements or changes in forms. Knowing and adhering to these laws will help protect your business in the case of an audit.

  • Don’t wait until the deadline to complete new hire forms.

Each required form has a different deadline, and it can be difficult to remember which is due when. Therefore, it’s helpful to communicate with your new hire ahead of their starting date to inform them of what new employee forms they will need to fill out, and what documents or information they’ll need to do so. Then, complete all paperwork with your employees on their first day, and file or submit it immediately.

  • Securely store all employment forms and keep it up to date as necessary.

You can store this information electronically or physically, but you should make sure it’s both secure and accessible. Once again, ensuring that you have stored all of your employee documents properly can be essential in the case of an audit.

  • Use HR software.

One of the best ways to streamline onboarding is to utilize an HR software platform. These platforms can help automate your processes and allow employees to complete forms online. You also can use HR software to store company documents like employee handbooks and benefits, making them easily accessible to new hires. Additionally, to lessen your load even further, some HR software even include payroll processing.

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Bottom Line

At the end of the day, bringing on new employees is an exciting addition to your business. Although there is paperwork that needs to be completed, you can make the process easier by preparing ahead of time and communicating with your new employees before their start date. Keeping an eye on applicable federal, state, and local laws will help make sure you’re compliant with your HR processes, and utilizing HR software is a great investment to help you and your employees with new hire forms and more.

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