How to Change Fortnite Name Instantly in just 1 Minute?

Are you also embarrassed because you’ve used a fancy Display Name in Fortnite? Don’t worry it’s not permanent it can easily be changed within a minute and in this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how to change fortnite name. Now whenever I’m playing fortnite that ugly fortnite Display Name is just bothering me and I quickly wish to change with something cool.

The fortnite display name that I was using was “abc99” as I just started playing randomly then as I kept playing and developed good stats on my profile. I was eager to change fortnite name and I was thinking about “how can I change my fortnite name”

How to Change Fortnite Name using Browser?

Here is a step by step process which can be done using browsers to change fortnite display name instantly.

1.) First of all, Launch your browser and visit Epic Games

fortnite login

2.) Now Sign in using your fortnite account on Epic Games.

3.) Once you’ve successfully logged in to your Epic Games account you can click “Account” tab under your fortnite display name as shown in the screenshot.

4.) Now you can easily change fortnite name or even other details such as real name, contact, address, etc.

Note: You can only change fortnite name once in every 2 weeks

5.) Retype your fortnite display name and this time think of some really cool name and change your fornite display name.

change fortnite name

6.) Check the box regarding the warning of fortnite display name and click on the confirm button.

7.) Once you’ve edited your details make sure to scroll down click on the save changes button.

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Video Guide

Here is a video tutorial using which you can easily change fortnite name.

I hope you’ve found this tutorial helpful and were able to change fortnite name quickly in just 1 minute.  I hope I was able to fix your problem of “how to change fortnite name” but if you still are not able to change it let me know in the comments section.

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