Instagram introduces Threads: A camera first messaging app.

Facebook recently announced the introduction of Threads, which is a camera first messaging app for Instagram. Instagram being the fastest-growing revenue generator of facebook, is stepping up its game and is giving a tough competition to its rival app- Snapchat.

Features of Instagram Threads:


  • Much like Instagram’s Direct Message, Threads lets you take photos and videos on which you can jot down seamlessly.
  • Through the new app, Instagram users can now update status, share location and battery status with their close pals.
  • Being a brand new interface, Threads opens up on the camera UI, prompting the user to choose up to five best friends with whom the user frequently chats with. After this, the user will find a shortcut button right next to the camera button which will enable the user to interact with those selected people.
  • A bonus factor is that you can always remove anyone from your close friends’ list and the user will not be notified that he/she has been removed from your list.
  • Auto-status feature if enabled would automatically update battery life and current location status of the user.
  • The user can as well set up custom status with his/her own content and emoticon for up to 4 hours.
  • Also, the information collected from these updates will remain exclusive to Threads and will not be used for facebook ads.
  • Also, the information collected from these updates will remain exclusive to Threads and will not be used for Facebook ads.
  • Threads have included five themes for the users to choose from which are Daylight, Twilight, Midnight, Aurora and Sunrise.
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Instagram Snapchat Logo

Is Instagram Threads better than Snapchat?

Instagram has been known for copying many of Snapchat’s features like stories, augmented reality filters and photos/videos that disappear after twenty-four hours. Though Threads appears to be a clone of Snapchat, it is much more user-friendly as it is composed and more responsive as compared to Snapchat which is cluttered to the core. Devoid of any ad pop-ups or stories from several brands, Threads lets you choose with whom you want to share your day’s details. It essentially removes any disturbance whatsoever and gives your updates and chat the front seat. Also, the image quality of Threads is way better than that of Snapchat’s.

It would be apt to say that Instagram’s coping methods are definitely posing a threat to Snapchat’s popularity. Instagram’s marketing technique is absolutely praised worthy as it focuses on the right to privacy which will encourage its users to share more with their close friends. If Threads take off successfully, the outcome would definitely be very interesting for us to see.

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