What to expect from Microsoft’s Surface hardware event?

On 2nd October 2019, Microsoft is hosting a grand Surface hardware event in New York City. Microsoft has released a teaser ahead of the event announcing that “exciting new innovations” are going to be unveiled during the event. Besides Surface chief Panos Panay, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will be present in the Surface Hardware Event which is expected to be bigger than the 2015’s event.

Rumors have it that we’ll get to see a new mysterious ARM-powered Surface and some refreshes of popular devices like the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop. There are high chances of Microsoft unveiling its dual-screen plans for Surface and beyond, and a new Windows variant to make those plans a reality. Microsoft is also rumored to be working on designing Surface-branded earbuds to take on Apple’s AirPods.

Surface Pro 7

Features of Surface Pro 7

  • Unlike the previous sixth edition of Surface Pro, launched last year in the matte black finish, it is expected that the Surface Pro 7 will come with complete USB-C support.
  • There are also chances that we might see a type of new Surface Type Cover with a future Surface Pro.
  • Besides USB-C support, the Surface Pro 7 will probably include Intel’s latest 10th Gen processors and some new color options will be added.
  • There are also chances of Microsoft coming up with a new Surface Pen with wireless charging.


There are high chances of us being a spectator to the unveiling of ARM-powered Surface on Wednesday. The device will likely be powered by Qualcomm’s latest 8cx chip as Microsoft is rumored to be working with Qualcomm on this particular Surface.

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Microsoft is all set to launch new models of Surface Laptop 3 in this event.

  • The existing Surface Laptop 2 comes in a 13.5-inch edition while the Surface Laptop 3 is expected to be 15inch.
  • According to rumors, Microsoft will use AMD processors in the Surface Laptop for the first time. We can, therefore, expect a larger Surface Laptop with AMD processors inside it.
  • It has been hinted by WalkingCat that Microsoft could launch a Surface Laptop 3 without Alcantara, and even include removable SSDs as an option, which would appeal to a lot of commercial customers.


A dual-screen Surface device, codenamed “Centaurus, which is a new type of hardware, would be expectedly unveiled in the most awaited Microsoft’s event. The device is expected to stand out exceptionally in the wave of new dual-screen tablet/laptop hybrids that OEMs will be launching throughout 2020. Though these devices are scheduled to be launched next year, we will be getting a brief glimpse of this type of hardware in the event which will be the future of Windows.


In the event, we could also see a type of new speaker. The company is rumored to be working on a portable speaker for Microsoft teams.

The portable speaker has fabric wrapped around the top and volume buttons with the ability to make, receive, and mute calls, including a removable base allowing it to charge and be positioned around a meeting room and is similar to that of Google’s Home Mini.

The much anticipated Microsoft’s Surface Event will be covered by The Verge, live. Microsoft’s Surface event starts at 10 AM ET /7 AM PT on Wednesday, October 2nd.

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