Paytm Launches “Business Khata” For Merchants

The most viable and famous e-commerce platform, Paytm now comes up with another business strategy of a sort. Paytm now introduces “Business Khata” for merchants. The service is open to all business platforms. In short, the new feature seems to be an enticing call for merchants across all platforms!

What’s More?

Khatabook CEO, Ravish Naresh, in his statement affirms that the company has over 7 million monthly active merchants.

Elaborate Features Are As Follows:

Credits: Paytm For Business
  • A digital ledger will now be available for the merchants.
  • This would be further handy for all their customer transactions, including cash and credit.
  • Paytm merchants can also set payment due dates for credit transactions and also send automated reminders.
  • Customers will thus receive their billing history notifications.
  • Customers will be able to make payments through the same link.

Final Thoughts

Cofounder and product lead of Khatabook, Jaideep Poonia posted a warm and welcoming tweet to Paytm. Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma was also tagged in the tweet which said, “Let’s Keep It Fun”.

Well, we hope the best for the merchants who’d start with the new Khata system across Paytm. At the same time, we also wish Paytm all the very best in its endeavors.

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