Easy Tips to Protect Your Eyes from Digital Devices

Excessive usage of phones, gadgets, TV, etc has not only made us remote wielding couch potatoes but also made us the glass wearing aliens. We all reside in the digital world from checking WhatsApp to Gmail to Facebook Messenger and of course, the unforgettable Instagram in our flashy and beaming mobile phones and computer screens we had all from the starting of the day till night.

These digital media devices have now become a part of our lives. Unfortunately, all the time wasted on these devives badly affects our vision and thereby lowering our eyesight. It causes digital eye strain or also called scientifically as computer vision syndrome.

It causes blurred or double vision, dry, red or watery eyes, eye irritation or soreness, increased sensitivity to light, loss of focus, headaches, and Insomnia. Hunching to get over the screen also causes back strain/pain which leads to poor posture of our body and a major cause of muscle-related problems.

The high energy emitting blue-light from our screen can cause strain to our iris and circadian rhythm. And the worst part is if you are highly affected by refractive conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia, glaucoma or cataracts this may impact highly to you thereby increasing the effect of eye strain.

Need for Digital Detoxification

We are very well aware of the fact that we cannot run away from this sarcastic digital world as now it has become a source of our bread and butter but we can prevent us from this so-called toxification which is affecting our health and the environment, all thanks to the great researchers.

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The 20-20 Rule

While using Digital devices take a 20-second break and have a glance at something which is 20 feet away. This activity will break the constant contact between the screen and your eyes for some time and thereby reducing the effect of eye strain.

Modifying Digital Device Settings

Alter your Digital device settings, adjust your font size, lighting contrast, brightness, etc of your device so that you don’t have to see too close to the screen and strain your vision.

Blink Frequently

Do not stare at the screen. People tend to forget to blink while watching the screens so, blink frequently. It is the natural way to deduce the eye strain.

For Better Posture Change Your Workspace

Invest in yourself, get yourself an adjustable chair so that you do not have to strain your muscles and your body while working on your Digital devices for the whole day.

Timely Coffee Breaks

Take timely breaks from your work. It will not only relax and pacify your body but also relaxes your mind and provide you with the energy to work with great energy.

Healthy Diet

Always remember to take a healthy diet full of green veggies as they are rich in iron. It will increase your vision and you might get rid of those glasses.

Consult the Doctor

Lastly, if you feel dizziness and burning sensations, it’s always better to take the expert’s advice. Consult the eye specialist in such a scenario.

Apps to Rescue your Eyes

We are all bounded with Digi Knowledge all over us and its effective and efficient utilization has come now. There are a few apps that you can install on your devices that can help control the harmful blue light.

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You can Install these Blue Light Filters App for Desktop Windows PC, Apple Mac and Chrome Browser to prevent your eyesight from the screen’s harmful radiation.

  • Windows 10 Night Light
  • Iris Mini
  • F.lux
  • Redshift
  • G.lux
  • Light Bulb
  • Eye Saver
  • PC Sunscreen
  • Sunset Screen
  • Carey’s

To end up it’s better to prevent yourself rather than curing yourself. We cannot hide from these digital platforms, devices but we can always choose a mid-way and find a correct alternative to a roadblock. We are humans who have all the answers to a problem and in addition, we have the knowledge, it’s better to take care of ourselves from this hectic lifestyle and install the above-listed software for our betterment.

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