Top Innovations in Sugar Reduction

In today’s modern world blood sugar (diabetes) has become the most prominent problem. Not only adults but children are also facing the problem of diabetes. Everyone does not have diabetes only genetically but people get diabetes from food products also.

Today’s consumer is the most powerful person who uses a number of products on a daily basis. Food is the most basic thing for any person to survive on this planet. A consumer consumes different food products on a daily basis.

Each and every food product has its own features and nutritional facts. Every food product has a number of nutritional facts such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, calories, sugar, etc. Sugar is one of the important factors in the food product.

But unfortunately, all people cannot consume food products with high sugar content. Too many people just kill their wishes on a daily basis just because of the high sugar content in the food product.

Today most of the companies are trying to lower the sugar in the product and at the same time trying to keep the taste of the product the same.

People Want Sugar Reduction in Every Product

Today most people are fitness freaks and want to keep their body fit. Most of the people look for nutritional facts more than taste. People want low sugar food products due to the problem of diabetes.

Obesity is also becoming one of the problems in today’s world. Many people in the world die due to obesity. Excess diabetes leads to overweight which is an obesity problem and the bigger problem is they don’t consider the best glucose meter. That’s why people want less sugar in food products. The companies are trying to be innovative in terms of food products they are trying to reduce sugar in food products which is a good thing in this modern era

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Top 5 Companies Which Reduced Sugar in Their Products


Nestle is a company that makes a number of products. They are trying to improve the product and have started a plan since 2016 and have been successful. Nestle stated that they will contract the size of sugar crystal in a much smaller size. They gave the statement that by reducing the size of the sugar crystal the sweetness will increase and will dissolve very quickly in the mouth. To reduce sugar content upto 40% they will reduce the size of the crystal on this basis. Restructuring of sugar crystal into porous and amorphous products that have been added in products is done to reduce the sugar.

Nestle has already started to introduce their sugar which dissolves faster and has filed a patent for it. They will bring more new technology soon.

From 2018 one of the great nestle products Milkybar which exist for the past 81 years contains 30% less sugar, however, this reduction has increased a little bit of price but it’s ok for the people who want to eat chocolate and still want to stay fit.


Givaudan is a company that is a global leader in terms of fragrances and flavors. In 2018 they made a novel approach to reduce sugar. The goal of the company is to reduce 50% of sugar in its products.

The company’s method does not need to add sweeteners during the process of reduction of sugar.

The company did not reveal the method. They described a new profiling method that helped them to understand the customer and to give them the best product from this. By this method, they reduced 50% sugar in their orange drink and in sugar peach yogurt.

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This company has developed a method called 5 step process which is a far way better method to reduce the sugar content in the products. It is a relatively time-efficient and cost-efficient method developed by Ingredion inc. this method can be used with novel product development and this technique mainly targets the daily beverage product such as juices, chocolates, sweet yogurt, etc. This 5 step process reduces sugar content from the products without reducing the sweetness of that product.


Tosla is the company of Slovenia, a central European country. The company has kept the demand of the people in mind and innovated a great idea that does not reduce the sugar but they have introduced a liquid sugar which is 10% fewer calories and 30% less sugar.

So, by this innovation people can enjoy their favorite food without taking tension of sugar content.


Cargill is an American company that produces sugar, chocolate, etc.

The company has invested $5 million in Belgium to produce low sugar chocolate for chocolate lovers. They have successfully reduced sugar and produced chocolate without losing the sweetness of the chocolates. The company has reduced the sugar content by 30%. They are doing a tremendous job to provide low sugar chocolate.


These were some awesome companies that are doing tremendous work to reduce the sugar content from the product to give the best experience to the consumer. In the mere future, the company will surely reduce more sugar content from the products without losing taste and sweetness. Apart from this, there are some more companies which have worked to reduce sugar level. Such companies are Douxmatok, Taura Natural Ingredients, Kerry Group, and Simply Beverages.

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