YGGDRASIL Bot Discord Commands List & Setup Guide [2021]

Distinguished for its unique features, Yggdrasil Bot encloses all things fun! It is a one-stop tool for amusement and enjoyment.

In a fast-paced world, entertainment and pleasure are of even more significance than in olden times. The recreational activities of our forefathers were playing board games, going for walks, visiting relatives, but with changing times, the choices too changed.

Today’s ‘fun’ has a much broader spectrum that mainly involves anything related to technology. The ‘fun’ is now in coding, encrypting, ciphering, and many such complex words which go over the heads of ones with traditional preferences.

What Is Yggdrasil Bot?

Prank Bot would be the perfect second name of the yggdrasil discord bot. Pranksters often use them to fool their buddies and receive return favors for the same—a quirky bot that comes in handy at any time for trolling.

Discord is a platform for social interactions. It provides and involves text messaging, video calling, sharing images, videos, and other content with your friends and family. Each private community is called a server, hence called ‘Discord Server.’

The bot is simply a robot that carries out mechanized functions.

Yggdrasil bot is added to the discord server, which then deploys all the commands sanctioned by it.

Features of Yggdrasil Bot

It has an extensive network of things that are fundamentally related to breaking boredom.

These begin from playing matchmaker to two online people who have never met in real life but have similar interests and hobbies to racing for car fanatics to fidget spinners for the fandom of spinners to clashing war-battles between friends till death.

The features are endless, and there is more to come. Soundboard, cross-server (meaning other than discord server), Goofy images for gen-z to baby boomers, random, witty commands, and finally, some informative stuff too.

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How to Add Yggdrasil Bot to Discord?

The procedure to add bots to any server is straightforward, and most of the time, the steps are identical; only the bot name or the server used is changed. The same is in the case of the addition of the yggdrasil bot to the discord server.

The steps to add the yggdrasil bot to discord are very simple and easy to follow. If you are a regular user of other bots on the discord server, this will be a walk in the park.

Step 1: Go to the link – https://ygg.fun

Step 2: Click on – Add to Discord. Make sure you are already logged in on your discord account. If not, please do so.

Step 3: Select a Server you want to add the server to and then click on – Continue.

add yggdrasil bot to Discord

Step 4: Tick the permissions you require for your use.

add yggdrasil bot to Discord permission

Step 5: Verify that you are not a robot.

Yggdrasil bot will be added to your discord server.

yggdrasil bot to discord server

Step 6: Assign whatever roles you want by clicking on the yggsrasil bot logo either at the bottom left corner or upper right corner.

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How to Use Yggdrasil Bot?

Finding a website or link where all the steps are elaborately explained in a simplified version is difficult since the directions cannot be presented using words. Therefore, videos are a much better mode of media to show the step-by-step process.

Several videos are available on YouTube demonstrating the addition by coding experts and learners. More than one method or alternatives are also shown, which the viewer can choose depending upon his device and the use of yggdrasil bot discard. The more, the merrier. They even clear common doubts and misconceptions with regards to discord yggdrasil bot.

Even if a video is unavailable (usually not the case), screenshots are attached after every step to understand the procedure explicitly.

Basic steps for primary usage are down below –

Step 1: Go to the chat box at the bottom of the page and write the command ‘–help’, and the bot will message you all the commands necessary for texting and other activities.

yggdrasil bot commands

An Example of a chat is illustrated below using the command ‘–userphone


yggdrasil discord bot commands

Make sure that you keep checking your message box for any notifications which are present on the left vertical bar of your page (in the screenshot, look for where the cursor has been placed).

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Yggdrasil Bot Commands List

Commands are used to direct the functioning and performance of the yggdrasil dot. They are precursors of decisions to be made by the bots. Without these, processes cannot be carried out, and the result is not achieved.

Mainly known for ‘fun commands,’ the discord yggdrasil bot carries out operations relative to their features. It follows a specific super-secret algorithm that makes it super-fun and super-successful.

The number of commands is not bound to a specific limit. New commands are created every day. Old ones are either updated or removed. The scope is endless.

Here is a list of the most commonly used commands –

–help can be used to view all the commands.

Shipping: –ship @username @secondusername

Compatibility test: –friendscore

Racing: –race [car]

Garage: –garage

Fidget spinner: –spinner [type] , –spinner scores

Death battles: –deathbattle @username

Soundboard: –airhorn , –brainpower , –cena , –cheer , –duel , –cricket , –easy , fakerror , –fakeping , –knocking , –laurel , –leeroy , –myleg , –numberone , –oof , –tooslow , –trombone , –vsauce , –yanny

Cross-server phones: –speakerphone , –userphone , –flipphone , –eyephone , –scramblephone , –voicephone , –fuwwyphone

Random: –pokefusion , –meme , –rip , –joke , –useless , –spoilers , — loading , –nitro , –gold , –quote

Cute animals: –cat , –bird , –dog

Life decisions: –choose First Second … , –8ball Will I Succeed? , –roll 3d20

Profile pictures: –icecream , –toast , –wanted

Useful info: –avatar @user , –serverinfo , –userinfo @user , –about , –ping , –invite

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Be it cheering someone up or wishing someone happy birthday or uplifting someone’s mood, or distracting someone from a bad incident, for all these situations, discord yggdrasil bot comes to the rescue.

Among thousands of bots, the yggdrasil discord bot has made its name, clearly displaying its position in the coding world. The purpose of its creation can only be filled by sharing the content it produces and making lives better.

Codes and encryption have now become the epitome of data manufacturing of all kinds and types. Yggdrasil bot adds its bit for the greater good.