How To Unban Someone On Discord?

There are certain times when we ban some people from a discord server. And later, we want to unban them. However, there are not so many people who are aware of how can they unban someone on discord. So the question is how to unban someone on discord?

Well, in case if you have this question in your head, then I am here to help you out. Unbanning users on discord is not really a tough task. But if you are not sure about the steps, then it can definitely be an issue for you.

Anyway, you can go ahead and follow these steps to unban people on discord:

Why Does Discord Ban Users?

Usually, Discord ban users whenever they post too much on the Discord server. Or they are spreading any kind of havoc around the discord users. This way, Discord simply protects the other users on discord from getting indulged with fake information or getting spammed.

Even, you might get banned on what kind of content you are publishing. For example, if you are sharing inappropriate images or videos through Discord, you have a high chance of getting banned.

Also, Discord is not the only one who bans you. Even the server admin also has the authority to ban you.

Steps to Unban Someone on Discord

Now coming to the main question, which is how to unban someone on Discord? Well if you want to ban someone on a Discord server, then you have to make sure that you are the server administrator of that specific server.

If you are not a server administrator, then you can ask the Discord server’s server administrator to make you one. Or in case if your account is banned, then I would recommend you to talk with that specific server’s server administrator and unban your account.

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However, in this case, we are talking about how to unban people on Discord. So, first of all, make sure you are the server administrator. After that, you can simply go ahead and follow these steps:

Step 1: First of all, you will have to launch the Discord app from your computer or other devices.

Step 2: Now head over to the server where you would like to unban a user or a bunch of users.

Step 3: After that, you have to click on the server name from the top corner.

Step 4: Then go to the Server Settings.

Step 5: Next, go to the bans option.


Step 6: Over here, you will find a list of all the users whom you have banned from the server.

Step 7: Next, you have to look for the user whom you want to block. If you cannot find the user, then use the search box for the job.

Step 8: Next, click on the user’s name, and you will find a popup.

Step 9: Finally, click on the “Revoke Ban” button, and you are all done.

revoke ban.png

The user will be able to post again in your Discord server and use it like any other normal user.

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How long does a discord account ban last?

The thing with Discord bans is that they are not permanent. Sometimes Discord bans last for hours, days, or weeks after the ban was issued. However, in certain cases, your account might get banned permanently too.

How do I stop getting banned from Discord Servers?

There are certain things that you can do not to get banned on Discord. Like you should not hack the server, or spam it. Make sure to follow the server’s rules and don’t be rude to other members of the server.

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My Discord account is disabled? How can I enable it again?

In case if your account gets disabled by Discord, then I would recommend you to contact Discord support. You can do it by posting on the help site of Discord. Or you can simply tweet them about it.

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So that was all for your question that says how to unban someone on discord. Overall, if you do not wish to get banned, then I would recommend you not to spam anyone in any Discord server. Also, be careful with your actions and what content you are sharing.

And in case if you are in a server, then do make sure to follow the rules of the server. If you do not, then the server admin might ban you from using the server. Also, if you have any more questions to ask, then do feel free to comment below.

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