What is Discord App? Detailed Guide to use Discord

Are you new to gaming? I bet you might have heard about Discord App but do you really know what is discord app? once you know how powerful the discord app is for all the gamers you’ll start using it. If you a video game streamer or youtuber then you must own a discord server and add all your viewers to your discord server.

Even if you are not a streamer or youtuber still you can use Discord and I personally used for voice chat when I used to play PUBG. As the in-game voice channel of PUBG was not that efficient and of good quality.


In today’s world, there has been a boom in video or voice chat programs. In addition to having the ability to speak either by video or by voice, several of those programs enable personalizing the chats through machine-controlled programs or bots.

This is a detailed discord guide covering everything about like what is discord app, what is discord server, what are discord bots, what is discord overlay, what is discord nitro, how does discord make money, best discord bots, best discord alternatives, etc.

What is Discord App?

what is discord app

Discord App is developed especially for all the gamers which are often used to communicate either use voice chat or send text messages, files, stickers, gif, etc. Discord allows users to create a “discord server” which is a type of a group where all your friends can join and communicate with each other use voice channels. Discord App can be actually considered as social networking application for gamers.

Discord App Features

  • Free & Open Source
  • Discord Servers
  • Voice Channels and Text Messages
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Support for Web Browser & Mobile App
  • Uses fewer System Resources
  • Discord Streamer Mode
  • Robust & Secure
  • Discord Bots
  • Discord Overlay
  • Multi-Device Compatibility

How to Use Discord App?

In short, to use Discord App, first of all, you will have to create an account on Discord and complete the registration process. Once you’ve completed the registration process it’s time to update your profile details such as adding discord avatar, connecting applications such as Youtube or Twitch.

Next step is to join a discord server or create your own discord server and invite your friends to your discord server. Once you’ve joined a discord server you can connect to voice channels are start talking to your friends or even use text channels.

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What is Discord Server?

what is discord serverDiscord currently has 250 million users by around 4 years of its existence. It has become a part of almost every gamers life. A Discord Server can serve various things to people, from a gathering spot for a multiplayer game to a political discussion platform.

So, you can find your squad on discord by using its built-in search method. It’s a little troublesome to search out on one’s own Discord window but there’s a magnifying glass symbol in the last at the bottom of your sidebar, below all of your alternative server tabs.

Once you click on it, you’ll be directed to a search engine, with a list of widespread servers. If you’ve connected your Discord to any of your game services, the search will show you servers specific to the games you often play.

There’s this site discord.me where you can find all the servers. You need to just log in with your own discord account and the site itself segregates the servers into categories like “Anime”, “belief” or “mature”.

Once you hunt for a selected tag, you’ll be shown all of the servers therein tag, that you’ll be able to rank by member count. Discord’s dashboard presently has over 100,000 public servers out there in its search (server house owners need to add their server to this site manually).

What are Discord Bots?

what are discord botsDiscord Bots are virtual robotic bots created specifically for Discord app. Using Discord Bots in a server can be really helpful as they boost productivity, performance, automation, etc. There are different types of discord bots which perform different tasks such as automate chats, moderate, play music, control spam, manage servers, etc.

A lot of gaming streamers own discord servers with more than 100k members and it’s really hard to manage such servers in such case discord bots can be a great addition to your discord server.

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Best Discord Bots

  • Rythm Bot
  • Tatsumaki Bot
  • Dank Memer Bot
  • MEE6 Bot
  • Night Bot
  • Donate Bot
  • MythBot Radio
  • GAwesome Bot
  • Dyno Bot
  • Welcomer Bot

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What is Discord Nitro?

what is discord nitro

Discord Nitro is a Premium version of Discord. Obviously, with more features than discord classic. It provides you with some worth-having additional features like:

  • GIF Gravatar helps to add your animated picture to the profile
  • A nitro badge beside your profile which shows you’re a paid user
  • Ability to use animated emoji for all servers from every server to every DM
  • High-Quality HD Screen Sharing which allows you to increase the resolutions up to 720p or 1080p
  • You get an increase in the file uploading limit up to 50 MB whereas in the classic version only 8 MB file can be uploaded

All of the fundamental options of Discord which incorporates cluster Calls, creating unlimited servers, etc. can stay free. Discord Nitro subscription can cost you $9.99/month. Payment can be done via Credit/Debit Cards and PayPal.

If you feel that Discord Nitro is not worth it then you can cancel your Nitro subscription at any time by pressing the Cancel button in your Discord Nitro Payment Tab. But Discord will not give a refund for a present purchase that has been claimed. However, if a present is unwanted then you can get a refund before 14 days.

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What is Discord Overlays?

what is discord overlay

Earlier, when the Discord Overlay was released, it would only display you and your friend’s avatar name. While this feature was not sufficient so according to the feedbacks they came to know about what the users need. So, they came up with some new features which drastically transformed the Discord app.

Discord Overlays are those unacquainted in-game overlays, they are a “layer” of features usually chats, a friends list, etc. that will be accessed without having to lose focus in a game. Overlays sometimes can be accessed via a hotkey (shift) whenever a game is running.

This feature worked well for switch voice channels, to see who was talking, or knowing who forgot to unmute their microphone.

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What is Discord written in?

Discord is made with the combination of different strong and powerful programming languages like JavaScript, React, Elixir, Rust. Discord is platform independent and portable to work on any system such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS or even Web browsers.

How does Discord Make Money?

  • Discord Merchandise

discord merchandise

Discord offers a range of merchandise, as well as branded hoodies, hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts. Discord does gains a bit of revenue from these things that may be a delight for its devoted fans.

The company earns from its selling strategy and its effective approach to promote their product. They don’t charge any quantity for mistreatment their app, however reciprocally, they encourage their users to support the app by shopping for their merchandise and cosmetic things to support the company’s operational expenses.

  • Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro is one of the contributors for earning revenues to the company. Similar to the far-famed game League of Legends, Discord is additionally a free application though there are options accessible for purchase, Discord offers add-ons like sound packs, sticker packs, skins, and custom emojis. They don’t build the Discord expertise any higher or worse for the user, however, they are putting in additional fun.

Using these tactics, over a pair of 2 billion active gamers within the world that generated 108.9 billion in-game revenues in 2017. What’s a far better game based business model that connects these gamers, allow them to have a voice chat whereas enjoying, and facilitate them with build communities and act with their vice friends whereas not playing?

Apart from that, Discord does not promote advertisements or user data by selling it or using it in the wrong ways. It has been dependent on the funding money and they are not going to make users pay to use the application in the future.

Best Discord Alternatives

best discord alternatives

  • TeamSpeak

Much before Discord was even an issue, tons of gamers relied on TeamSpeak for in-game communication wants, and quite a few dedicated fans have still stuck around.

Very similar to Discord, TeamSpeak permits users to make dedicated servers for their wants, and different users will be part of these servers to speak with one another concerning a standard topic – be it for games or productivity. To keep your conversations secure and personal, TeamSpeak makes use of AES cryptography that ensures that every one of your conversations is safe.

  • Skype

If you’re searching for an easy audio and video chat why don’t you opt for Skype? Skype has an integral screen share feature that works in every tool. Throughout a voice or video decision, you’ll share your screen with the “+” key. In Discord, you get the choice to either share the whole screen or simply a section of it.

  • Overtone

Being a robust, high-quality voice and text chat app specifically designed to boost your vice expertise, Overtone could be a straight competition to Discord. The light-weight app doesn’t use a lot of your system resources and is sort of easy to set up.

Very much like Discord, Overtone is liberated to use most of the required voice and text chat options, supporting text messages, voice chat, and cluster chats. On prime of that, Overtone additionally opens a few social options which can assist you to connect with folks that have similar interests and see groups that enable enjoying the constant game.

  • Slack

If you’re trying to find the most effective Discord alternative for skilled use Slack should be your go-to option. It is a team electronic communication platform that appears to be alike Discord. The service has a constantly clean and easy program as Discord; however, it’s intermeshed towards a professional setting, thus you won’t notice any gaming-related things. Instead, you’ll notice a variety of useful options that aim to enhance your productivity at work.

Slack stands out from Discord by providing integrations for over 800 third-party packages like Trello, GitHub, Mail Chimp, and many others that are employed by businesses. It additionally permits you to receive notifications through the package while not requiring you to open the app.

File sharing is additionally easier convenient and free on Slack because it includes a 1GB limit on uploads, whereas Discord just permits files up to 50MB that too in the paid version i.e. Nitro.

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