Dank Memer Discord Bot: Best Meme Bot for Discord Servers? [2021]

Memes. A universe in itself. The world has lost the number of memes created, shared, or revamped since the number is uncountable.

Humour has expanded from its definitive meaning to a lot more than just cracking jokes. Over the years, each era has painted a color of its own, so now there is no singular meaning. It is now a bag full of different candy.

The introduction of memes brought a wave of slang and jargon previously unknown. This opened up a world of possibilities of what can and cannot be meme material.

What Is Dank Memer Discord Bot?

To go by textbook definition, a ‘dank meme’ refers to a meme that has lost its originality due to continuous use; basically,not a trendsetter any more.

Discord is a platform for social interactions. It provides and involves text messaging, video calling, sharing images, videos, and other content with your friends and family. Each private community is called a server, hence called ‘Discord Server.’

The bot is simply a robot that carries out mechanized functions.

A dank memer discord bot is a combination of a bot that is dank memer to your discord server—the two work hand in hand to help users create fresh memes.

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Features of Dank Memer Discord Bot

Discord dank memer bot is the goody-two-shoes monitor of your class. It maintains discipline in class in the absence of the teacher and puts the mischief-makers in line. It prevents the members of the community from getting into fights.

Marked as distinct in the market because of the following —

  • Unanimously the best global currency system on the discord server.
  • Vast numbers of meme productions.
  • Features role-playing games.
  • Animal featurettes.

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How to Add Dank Memer Bot to Discord?

Step 1: Go to the website – https://dankmemer.lol

Step 2: Click on – Invite Bot, and you will be redirected to a discord page

Step 3: Choose a Server from the list based on the permissions you require to add the bot. Check whether you have permission to manage servers in the discord server. (an exception to server owners; do not need it)

Some of the permissions are basic, while others may be selected depending upon your usage.

There are shortcuts for selecting all and none of the permissions, but it is usually both the options are not good.

add dank memer discord bot

Step 4: Click on – Authorize

Step 5: Verify that you are not a ‘bot’ yourself.

The dank memer bot is added to your discord server.

There is also an alternative, that is Beta Dank Memer Discord Bot. For this, you just need to add ‘beta’ before the link given in Step 1; like this – https://beta.dankmemer.lol

beta dank memer bot

The logo colors are different for the two versions.

For the regular one, it is green, and for the beta version, it is purple.

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How to Use Dank Memer Discord Bot?

Dank memer bot is versatile, but it was built specifically for keeping up with the demand of continuous production of a meme after meme.

Since there were not many memer bots at the initial stages, the principal aim for creating this was to have a virtual location where meme enthusiasts can come together and boost meme content to higher levels.

The following steps are a guideline on its usage —

Step 1: First and foremost, sign up and make an ID.

As soon as you log in, you will see that the dank memer bot is a member of your discord server.

dank memer bot in discord server

Step 2: Click on – Server Settings and then on Roles. Make sure that the dank memer bot has the appropriate roles to function on your server.

dank memer discord bot roles

Step 3: Give the Bot Admin permissions. If you are using more than one bot, then make a bot role with all the permissions an Admin has. Then you can simply add a new one to the bot role so that it is utilised to the best of its ability.

dank memer discord bot permissions

Step 4: Click on the Bot and make sure to tick the Bot role.

discord dank memer bot role

Step 5: Access is then given to the following webpage. (you can bookmark it to make sure it’s not lost)

add dank memer bot discord

Step 6: Click on Commands. Here, you can change and manage all functions and commands of the dank memer bot according to your preference.

dank memer discord bot commands

List of Dank Memer Discord Bot Commands

There are several categorizations on dank memer bot commands. It is majorly divided into memey, utility, animals, configurations, currency, fun, and games.

Dank memer bot commands are usually run with prefix ‘pls’ for now, may change in future. For Example, ‘pls meme.’ These vary from image distortions to wanky and goofy sounds. They are loaded with a heavy dose of ‘dank’ in them.

Prefixes can be personalized per server. By any chance, if you do forget the custom prefix, all you have to do is run ‘@Dank memer hello,’ and the dark memer bot will get you back to the current prefix.

Some of the examples are as follows:

Animals – pls animals

Random cute things – pls aww

Quack quack – pls ducc

Pretty kittens – pls kitty

Audit – pls <page number>

Automeme – pls automeme [webhook URL] [interval in minutes]

Autoresponse – pls autoresponse [autoresponse choice]

Balance – pls balance

Beg – pls beg

Gift – pls gift <amount> <item> <@user>

Inventory – pls inventory

Multiplier – pls multiplier

Postmemes – pls postmemes

8 ball – pls 8ball <question>

Clap – pls clap <what you want the bot to say>

Gif – pls gif search terms

Kill – pls kill @user

Fight – pls fight [user]

Tic Tac Toe – pls tictactoe [user]

Trivia – pls trivia

Brain – pls brain <item 1,item 2,item 3, item 4>

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Dank Memer Discord Bot Free vs Dank Memer Discord Bot Premium

Initially, like any other process at its conception, dank memer bot faced financial issues. There was no paid content at the beginning, but due to increased workload and depleting resources, the developers had to add the premium feature.

A clear distinction can be made between the free and premium modes with the help of the following table —

Dank Memer Bot FreeDank Memer Bot Premium
Cannot participate as DonorCan participate as Donor
Restricted to NSFW commandsAccess to NSFW commands
One meme box once a monthOne meme box twice a month
No Donor Multiplier for currency commandsDonor Multiplier for currency commands
Extra coins not availableExtra coins are available

All these perks depend on the amount of money you are paying since different packages accommodate different merits accordingly.

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‘Meme Creator’ is the new attribute or skill added to the resumes for the various job requirements. The post has gained speedy popularity, and now more and more techies are learning and teaching the art of meme-making.

Dank memer discord bot fits perfectly for the job. It has helped over a million users in interacting with the pros and learning from the best.

Creativity and humor are always appreciated, precisely what the dank memer discord bot’s job is. It presents and solves issues in good nature and strives to maintain positivity without exuding negativity to its users.