Practice these Questions from SSC CGL Previous Year Paper

The Common Graduate Level(CGL) Examination conducted by the Selection Staff Commission (SSC) provides an opportunity for the graduates to secure a place for themselves in government organizations. The candidates recruited through this exam are posted in Group B and Group C category. An aspiring candidate is advised to go through the entire syllabus first and then check out the exam pattern. To perform well enough in this exam one should go through previous year papers. This article tries to cover some of the important questions from SSC CGL previous year papers.

Topicwise SSC CGL Previous Year Paper Questions: Tier l

SSC conducts CGL in four-tier. Tier l & ll is an online-based exam while tier lll is a pen and paper-based exam and tier lV is a qualifying exam. Before one may start preparing, the types of question asked in the exam should be known. This article brings you the types of questions which has been asked in the SSC CGL previous year paper. 

SSC CGL Previous Year Paper: General Awareness (Tier l)

Q1. _________ is the founder of Facebook

Ans. Mark Zuckerberg

Q2.The ______edition of the India-Indonesia coordinated patrol (IND-INDO CORPAT) held from 19th March to 4th April 2019 was inaugurated at Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Ans. 33rd

Q3.The Indian National Association(INA)  was established in 1876 by ____________ in Calcutta

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Ans. Anand Mohan Bose

Q4.The Musi and Bhima are the tributaries of the river _________

Ans. Krishna

Q5.Which was the first country to implement the Goods and Services Tax(GST)

Ans. France

Q6.Sundari, a well-known species of trees, is found in:

Ans. Mangrove Forest

Q7.The Iron and Steel company(TISCO) was established by Dorabji Tata in:


Q8.Who was the first female Director-General of Police in Puducherry

Ans.Sundari Nanda

Q9.Methyl propane is an isomer of 


Q10.Name the first-ever judge of the Supreme Court against whom the motion of impeachment was introduced into the Parliament in Independent India.

Ans.Justice Ramaswami

SSC CGL Previous Year Paper: Quantitative Aptitude(Tier l)

Q1.A circle is inscribed in a triangle ABC. It touches the sides AB, BC and AC at the points R, P and Q respectively. If AQ=4.5cm, PC=5.5cm and BR=6cm, then the perimeter of the triangle ABC is 


Q2.A truck covers a distance of 385km at a certain speed. If the speed is decreased by 16km/hr, it will take 2 hours more to cover the same distance. 75% of the original speed(in km/hr) is:


Q3.The ratio of the ages of A and B, four years ago, was 4:5. Eight years from now the ages of A and B will be 11:13. What is the sum of their present age?


Q4.If decreasing 120 by x% gives the same result as increasing 40 by x%, then x% of 210 is what per cent less than (x+20)% of 180


Q5.If a nine-digit number 985x3678y is divisible by 72, then the value of (4x-3y) is 

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Q6.the ratio of the efficiencies of A, B and C is 2:5:3. Working together, they can complete a work in 27 days, then B and C can complete 4/9th part of that work in 

Ans. 15days

Q7.The average of twelve numbers is 42. The average of the last five numbers is 40, and that of the first 4 number is 44. The 6th number is 6 less than the fifth and 5 less than the 7th number. The average of the 5th and 7th numbers is 


Q8.In the circle of radius 10cm with centre O, PR and PQ are two chords each of length 12cm. PO intersect chord QR at the points S. the length OS is 


Q9.A sum amounts to Rs. 8028 in 3 years and to Rs. 12,042 in 6 years at a certain rate per cent per annum, when the interest is compounded yearly. The sum is 

Ans.Rs. 5352

Q10.A solid cube of volume 13824 cm cubes is cut into 8 cubes of equal volumes. The ratio of the surface area of the original cube to the sum of the surface areas of three of the smaller cubes is 


SSC CGL Previous Year Paper: General Intelligence and Reasoning

Q1. In a family of 8 persons, there are two couples, each having two children. B and D are brothers, each having two children. E is the aunt of A, who is the cousin brother of C. C is the sister of H, who is the cousin brother of G. F is the five of B. How is the H related to F?


Q2.Arrange the following words in a meaningful and logical order

  1. Buy 

  2. Dinner 

  3. Market

  4. Vegetables 

  5. Cook

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Q3.”Lawyer is related to “Justice in the same way as “Arbitrator” is related to _________


SSC CGL Previous Year Paper: English Language

Q1. Select the synonym of the word: Coerce


Q2.Select the antonym of the word: Expansion


Q3.Select the antonym of the word: Scarce


Q4.Select the synonym of the word: Chronic


Q5.Give the most appropriate meaning of the following idioms: At daggers drawn

Ans.Bitterly hostile

So the above are the few of the questions asked in the previous year in SSC CGL exam. Practising SSC CGL previous years papers can help to understand the candidate the type and the level of questions asked in SSC CGL exam.

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